My New Blog: Permanent Weekend

Hey guys! So I have some exciting news, the new blogging space that I had mentioned a few posts back is now ready for public consumption. It's called Permanent Weekend and it is a blog written by Grant and myself.

I think it's a little evident that the personal style blogging thing has worn a bit thin for me. As much as I do like to share and chronicle my outfits, I feel like I have grown out of that blogging niche for a variety of reasons. Foremost, for me, fashion and personal blogging have changed A LOT since I started and what used to be a fun way to check out people's personal style and potentially get inspired by their outfits has morphed into a weird space where almost every outfit has been sponsored or subsidized by a brand or posts are really masked as advertisements for company X. Now I don't begrudge people for making money off of partnerships or advertising but more often than not there isn't a balance between the authentic and original versus what has been sponsored and paid for.

So, with that said, you might be wondering what this "Permanent Weekend" business is. Well, It's a space for posts about travel, for discovering off the beaten path spots around Southern California and beyond (two words: Huell Howser).

For sharing work and news from our amazing photographer and artist friends.  New 'zines, interesting gallery shows and collaborations--that sort of stuff will be posted there.

More posts on all things related to thrift stores (uh because we're obsessed): general tips, observations, gripes, our finds, the occasional DIY...

A space to nerd out on LA/SoCal history. I personally spend a lot of time looking through library photo databases for old photos of the area as well as reading through blog posts from various historical society web pages. I'm excited to finally be able to post my finds.

And since I'm now realizing that I don't have the time to write a paragraph for every single topic that we want to cover, in a nutshell there WILL be posts on: 90s nostalgia,  interviews with people who we think are interesting, music, skateboarding, pop culture, fashion, and more.

Anyway, it's a departure from this blogging space but one that I'm excited about. I do plan on posting here still, probably with the same frequency that I've been maintaining,  but the majority of my posts, musings, and creative efforts will now live on Permanent Weekend.

Thanks for keeping up with this blog of mine. I swear this isn't a farewell post (although it's starting to sound like one) but I am grateful to those of you have taken the time to read and look at what I've posted here throughout the years. I've always been thankful for the encouragement as well as shocked and humbled to find out that people know me from this blog. Whodathunkit. Anyway, thank you.
Really and truly :)


jump street

Outfit details:
vintage jumpsuit: thrifted
sunglasses: Raen
Converse High Tops

Don't think I've ever met a jumpsuit I didn't like. It's one of the trends that I support and 100% indulge in. I just think they're so comfortable and all of the different pockets (at least this one has four pockets on the front) are so handy. Although, I will admit sometimes I'll catch my reflection in a window and the silhouette is a little questionable (to say the least) but I guess that's where layering with a long jacket comes into play ;-)  Happy Tuesday night!

PS: I have a 20% off shop sale going on until Thursday night! Care to take a peek?

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Paris Photo Diary Part 1

Oh yeah, remember when I went to Paris earlier this year? You don't? Well, I don't blame you since my upkeep with this "blogging" business has been laughable as of late.

Anyway, I'm here right now to share part of the photos that I took on our trip. It rained for the majority of our time in Paris (we spent a full week in the city) which, I'm not gonna lie,  sucked. Although the rain didn't truly stop us from seeing and doing all the things we wanted to see. I think if anything it made us "turn in early" most evenings where if it were dry we'd probably be out doing much more walking and exploring at night.

I think I took fifty photos of all the different ornate doors I saw in Paris. 
The calm before the storm. We were able to do a small bit of strolling through the Tuileries before the first downpour. 
Not pictured: my cup of hot chocolate from Paul's that I would buy at every opportunity. Yes, I know Paul's is a chain and for all I know is probably on par with Panera in the US. I don't care! The hot chocolate is so good.

Menacing clouds at the Louvre. 

We stayed at an amazing little flat in Le Marais through Air BNB which means that Notre Dame was one of our nearest landmarks that we could easily walk to. 
The stained glass doesn't get old.

 We checked out a ton of different "off the beaten path" (read: not the Louvre) museums, the musee de carnavalet  was highly  recommended (and free!).  It definitely didn't disappoint. The museum is one dedicated to the history of Paris from ancient times and beyond.
Outrageous art deco tile work?? Sign me up.
 Last time we went to Paris we didn't get to stroll the Champs Elysees so I requested that get to do that.  If anything it was nice to walk the street for the historic value as I really didn't care about any of the modern shops that now line the boulevard.  Also, in my mind I kept flashing back to the entire "Paris Holds The Key To Your Heart" song and dance number from Anastasia which was fine by me.
 A visit to the Pompidou is always a must.
A cool Martial Raysse exhibit was there....
 BUT sorry to say, no exhibit could hold a candle the Henri Cartier-Bresson photography exhibition! Truly inspiring and amazing, especially if you're a photography lover. Grant got a huge kick out of it and I think we can both agree that it was one of our favorite things we experienced on our trip.
 Who's this cute guy?
 No joke, this crepe stand (the best in Paris as far as I can tell) was down the alley from our flat so yeah, we ate there a lot.  Add to this, L'As du Fallafel was even CLOSER to where we were staying (literally 15 steps away) and ughhh amazing, inexpensive, and all together just ridiculously tasty and good. I mean, Lenny Kravitz would never steer you wrong, right?

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PS: I have two new interviews over at some great blogs:


vintage dress up

Hello! Just wanted to share some of the new pieces that are in the shop. It's getting mildly less hot in our office so I thought I'd put on a brave face and do a few outfit posts using pieces from the store...

Mexican blanket dress / Mexican dress / multicolor / striped dress / long sleeve / S

1950s dress / 50s dress / sock hop / musical notes / novelty print / 50s blue dress S

1940s dress / 40s floral / cotton 40s dress / small

Sheepskin jacket / white sheep skin / shaggy furry jacket / Mongolian / M

1950s dress / grey gray dress / 50s house dress / abstract / floral print S

denim backpack / 90s backpack / grunge / soft grunge

60s jacket/ red jacket/ mod coat M-L

1970s jacket / fur collar / fur jacket / winter coat / small

 1960s cashmere coat / swing coat / winter jacket / vintage 1960s coat / s-l

1960s coat / brocade coat jacket / golden yellow coat / loose fit M-L

polka dot dress / button up dress / long sleeve dress M-L

striped dress / gray grey dress / button front dress medium

1970s dress / polka dot dress / mustard yellow / secretary dress / fall fashion / medium

PS: I started an account separate from my personal Instagram (@milkteeths). The new account, @milkteethsvintage is regularly updated with not only peeks of what is currently in the shop, but I've been posting my thrift finds on there as well.

PPS: Don't forget that if you like the shop on Facebook, you can receive a 10% off discount! Just message me for the code :)

Check out the new blog! www.permanent-weekend.com