Currently waiting for Maslinia to text me so we can hoof it on over to the YL.
It's kind of windy outside and I don't not like it.
Listening to the White Stripes. Jack White needs to go back to his original look of red pants and a black shirt because these days he's looking a lot like Johnny Dep as Willy Wonka, not a good look.
My hair is so long and I am so, SO pleased. =D
My knee is still, so, SO bent and it's the pits.
I go to school next Tuesday and I am sincerely and genuinely not looking forward to it.
My biggest fear right now is getting jostled or bumped every so slightly and falling down.
I was reading my old blog entries on a different blog I used to keep; it was trippy.
I miss Grant.
I'm starting to like nail polish again. Whodathunkit?
I hate when people don't smile in pictures but like smirk instead? HATE.
No more of this.

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