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When little kids start getting their adult teeth it always looks weird.

FEBRUARY 18 2011
So I hijacked an old blog post to create a page dedicated to sharing my more "legitimate" writing with anyone who is curious. I'll be the first to admit that the writing on my personal style blog, Milk Teeths, is pretty casual---I quickly type my thoughts down and call it a day. Often without using spell check.  Yikes. 

However, I actually do write thoughtful posts and articles when the occasion calls for it (and I make sure everything is spelled correctly!). What follows is a list of blog posts and articles I have written for different companies and creative ventures. If you would like to contact me regarding my writing or blogging you can e-mail me at milkteeths@gmail.com 

Foam Magazine (Online Contributor)
Fringe Benefits: Laurel Wells Jewelry
Style Stalker
Fresh Ocean Hair: Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar
Deanna Templeton
Gift Guide: Etsy
Neff Knitted Headphones: Ear Candy
Billabong Flaunt It 2011

Jeremiah Clothing (Blog)
Vacation Ideas to Clear Body and Mind
Refinery 29
Finalist for their Search for the Next Style Blogger Competition

Shout Public Relations (Blog)
All Hand Made Mondays post
West Coast=Best Coast Reason # 34524: OC Beaches
West Coast=Best Coast Reason #13453: In-N-Out Burger 


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  1. this is such a good idea! you wouldn't know it from my blog but i was actually a writing, literature, and publishing major and college and i was thinking last night about how the internet has destroyed my editing process. i used to be patient and go through at least two drafts before i'd ever let anyone read anything but now i just throw up rough drafts all over the place and call it a day. but your stuff never ever reads like a rough draft and you've kind of inspired me to be more serious about the writing i do. anyways sorry for the LONGEST comment ever <3


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