Today my upstairs neighbor was talking on her balcony and this is what I heard:

(on the phone with her boyfriend)

"...tell me everything I need to hear. Don't give me this bullshit about time apart. I need you to know how this is affecting me. I'm fucking dying over here and you have no feelings at all in your voice. All I hear is anger and you shouldn't have any anger to me. (...) Yes, I do. Because you're not going to be a mess forever. (...) No, when you say that it makes it sound permanent. (...) I don't understand. You talk about if we have a future...which is it?! (...) Chris, don't repeat that. I don't need to hear that. I've heard that a thousand times in the last 48 hours.  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? (...) But you are. I need--what do you mean you feel like you're in high school? (...) You know what, it's NOT immature. This is called LIFE Chris. Don't be an asshole. (...) Yes, you're being an asshole.

Then I think she went inside because it was muffled after that.  The (...) are pauses in which her boyfriend was probably trying to defend himself.

This is what I think:

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