Chelsea and I went to Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton today. I read a review about it in OC Weekly and it looked like a cute place so  we checked it out. Anyway, we went and I had this iced lavender/something tea that was really nice and refreshing. I usually give foods that have lavender essence the side eye since I'm scared that the food will taste like potpourri. Twasn't the case today! It was nice and refreshing. We also got a plate of macarons since neither of us had ever had them but heard great things. Verdict: so good! They were light and crispy on the outside while remaining chewy on the inside. Verrrryyy niiiiiccee (said in Borat voice. I went there)

So we're about to finish and then I feel the ground move ever so subtly. EARTHQUAKE! Only, no one was reacting so I was like, "Um..did you feel that earthquake?" and Chelsea was like, "no?" and then it got a tiny bit stronger and then the lights started swaying ever so slightly. Then it got even more strong and people were flipping out. A group of like 5 Korean people just bolted from the tea place and everyone looked really confused since the earthquake was so smooth, almost imperceptible but it lingered for what felt like a full minute.  Anyway, it was the most ambiguous earthquake I've ever felt, The End


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