Part 1

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the fashion trends that were popular when I was in high school circa  2001-2006. It was a strange time. American Apparel had yet to exploit blatant sexual imagery to sell things like knee socks and was instead largely known for employing sweatshop free labor. Thick, black framed "grandpa" glasses were relegated to, well, grandpas and to call someone a hipster neither stirred up feelings of resentment or smug pride.

So without further adieu, here is a rundown of what I remember being de riguer for any self proclaimed southern california, high school fashionista:

Part 1: Accessories and the like


Really obviously highlighted hair a la Kelly Clarkson.

Honorable mentions: the extreme side bang comb over, ultra-blonde, crispy looking water polo hair (for guys), dyed black hair to be ~eDgY~ and of course, the ubiquitous, long (artificially) blond hair.


The gold (silver?) standard for jewelry: a chunky Tiffany's bracelet. Extra sass points if yours had a cherry charm.

Conversely, the Livestrong bracelet was THE item. I remember you could buy them at Starbucks and I also specifically remember seeing a picture of Mary Kate Olsen wearing one with comments below saying things like, "WHERE CAN I BUY THAT RUBBER BAND? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? LIVE STRONG???" These bracelets were so hot they inspired many imitations one of them being my high school gave away I <3 NHS white "rubber band" bracelets at Prom.


Oversize square sunglasses. I couldn't find the particular sunglasses I was looking for but these are close enough. Imagine like three small rhinestones in the top corners et voila: instant scene points.


Street name: Jap-Flaps. Google search term: "asian mesh slipper". I'm not going to lie, I had these. I didn't buy them though. By grandma had a pair that were like mustard yellow with green and pink sequins so I felt a little better knowing that I didn't get them from, say, Urban Outfitters.


However, asian mesh slippers really couldn't hold a candle to RAINBOWS. Story time: I dropped a pencil in my AP Government class and literally every single person was wearing these sandals. I'm not even exaggerating.  (If you're curious, I was wearing red low top converse with embarrassing sharpied lyrics on them)

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  1. hahha I LOVE THIS and I fell victim to at least half of these fads....I think that they should bring the 'jap-flaps' back... ha

  2. I'm totally creeping old posts of yours (weird) ha. But oh man, I didn't know those mesh sandal things were COOL at some point!! I would buy 3 for 5$ in Chinatown. I loved 'em cuz they were comfy & cheap. Comfy until the mesh started ripping in a few weeks, ha. But comfy!


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