Part 2

And so it continues. In this post i'll further explore the meat & potatoes (if you will) of what it meant to dress up circa my high school years.

Part 2: Clothing


Seven for All Mankind or Citizens of Humanity jeans were IT and strictly so. If you didn't have that jazzy back pocket embroidery you might as well just stop. At life. I'll admit, I was intrigued by the embroidery and then I found out how much they cost. Womp womp. Side note: I remember the first time I saw a guy wearing Sevens. I was walking up the stairs to my math class and the guy in front of me was wearing them and I was so, so confused.  Why would a guy wear flaired jeans?

 Honorable mention: pre-ripped jeans at the knee. The ripped knee was crucial. Sporting double ripped knees? Lucky you! Bypass those waiting in line to get into this Friday's Battle of the Bands and stand front row to watch The Colour  play.


The short denim mini skirt. A staple for the American Eagle/ Abercrombie & Fitch set. Paired with  a shrug, those pre-wrinkled tank tops with the lace on the bottom, and a pair of Rainbow sandals and you're ready to hang out in the Del Taco parking lot. Good for you.

Goucho pants. The pants that billowed just so and i think therein lies the problem: THESE PANTS BILLOWED. They swayed. They were not suitable attire for windy days.

"Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl" was by far the stand out hit at my high school. I'm positive that all my Jewish friends had this shirt.  I think I was tempted to buy the "Everyone Loves a Catholic Girl"shirt but figured since I already owned the "Mary is My Home girl" shirt (I know) it was a little  overkill and rightfully so. It should be noted that whatever the material was of these shirts should be banned because they aggravated arm pits areas everywhere and caused the most horrific pit stains. I wish I was kidding. Girls knew better to wear these shirts without a suitable cover up waiting in the wings.

Speaking of cover ups, the cropped parka with furry hood trim was popular with not only girls but scene guys. A truly unisex look, it could only ever be properly pulled off while wearing jeans (Diesels anyone?) Not in the mood for small talk? Put that hood on to show the world you're having an "introspective" day and listen to The Garden State soundtrack on your new iPod

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  1. The Goucho pants are heinous. It just gives me this image in my head of cheer girls wearing them and picking at their ass.


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