(This time last year, Holy Jim Trail)

Just finished writing my part for a section of a group project due Sunday. Three hours down the drain on why computer mediated communication is more effective in eliciting self-disclosure than face to face communication. GAH. Long story short: it's because you can't see or hear the person you're talking to on the other end.

Grant and I went up to Hollywood on Wednesday to see a new Doors documentary called When You're Strange which is narrated by Johnny Depp. It was really good! Hopefully it get's released on more screens.

I have been eating at least one s'more everyday for  the last three days. I think s'mores are my favorite dessert texture. The burnt marshmallow gets me every time, so good! I also went and got macarons today (chocolate raspberry, blackberry, and pistachio) which were amazing per usual.

Lola came home!! She got home from the Philippines Tuesday but I only just got to see her today. She brought back lots of candy and dried mango. Spoiler alert for Grant: she also got us matching fedoras.

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