A collection of pet peeves:

(Above: Lurkin Victorian-style, not too shabby)

  • When people 14-24  describe things as being "fantastic" or "brilliant".  Addendum: only okay to use these adjectives, at any age, if you have a British accent.
  • People that forget that they have their blinker on and people who turn very slowly off of a busy street. It sucks for the people behind you (me)
  • Pants with no back pockets
  • People who speak and let spit collect into the corners of their mouth. It's really attractive (nope) and hard not to look at.
  • Girls that wear a lot of makeup to class (for example, a smokey cat eye) and don't follow it up with an appropriate outfit. Wearing UGGS and and a UCLA sweatshirt sends mixed signals.

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