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A typical shopping list from Trader Joes:

1% milk
(brown) eggs
Crumpets (SO. GOOD. especially with lots of butter and jam)
Whole grain bread
Frozen mac n' cheese (A++++)
Soy bacon
Individual quiche (I like the spinach one)
Frozen precooked shrimp
Some type of cheese
An exotic vegetable (this week its eggplant, I like their artichokes too)
Sweet treat of some sort (I got some JoJos, but the Quadratinis are amazing)
Arnold Palmer juice jug
Spaghetti or pene

This week I also got rice pudding and these inside out carrot cake things but they are almost too rich, I fear.  They're really good though, but dang!

As far as dinner food, I usually make pasta with shrimp and spinach in a lemon garlic butter sauce or breakfast for dinner. 

The more you know.

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