Two best friends.

Yeah this is cute.

Literally all of my socks are mismatched. I think half of the pairs are in Irvine and the other half are in LA.

I'm developing very bad sleeping habits. I should try going to sleep earlier. I probably fall asleep every night around 2:30 AM.

And tomorrow, I have a Doctors appointment at 8:30 AM. WHY. WHY. WHY.

On Thursday we had to talk to another person in class about the fake tv show pitch we're writing for the final project. When we're forced to socialize in class, I usually just sink lower into my seat and look really interested in whatever I'm reading on my computer. I also sit in the very back of the class room in the handicap seat that's sort of separate from all the other seat for this very purpose. I thought I was safe. Wrong. This girl who was sitting next to me on a folding chair excitedly turns to me and I can tell she is just aching to tell me about her pitch. I was right. She literally did not take one breath in the five minutes we had to talk about our projects. I couldn't even get a word in edgewise nor did she ask about my show. Moral of the story: girls who wear Charlotte-Russe approved white (back pocketless!)short-shorts and apply their blush/bronzer hybrid via a large, rectangular face stamp come up with stupid ideas like remaking Friends but with drug dealers and having them meet at Starbucks every episode.

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