banged up

Today I mustered up all my courage and marched into the salon to get my bangs cut! I've been fantasizing about getting straight across bangs for a while now so I thought why not finally go through with it? I asked for straight across bangs that aren't blunt and are tailed (meaning that the bangs are slightly longer on the sides). I think my hairdresser did a pretty good job (and it was free, can't complain!) but I'm just so used to seeing myself with no bangage so I'm sure it will take a bit for me to get used to my new look. Now I just have to convince myself to get my hair trimmed. It's been two years since I've gotten a haircut so my ends are pretty much destroyed. My split ends literally have split ends. Yikes.

As for the trench coat I'm wearing, I just threw it on to spice things up. I mean, who wears trench coats ever? I actually really like this one, I bought it a few years ago and only managed to wear it two or three times. I like that it's slightly flared; it goes great with shorter dresses!

Finally, I leave you with the bangs that I would ultimately like to achieve. Marianne Faithfull's bangs (and overall look!) is way too good!

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