Lately, I've really been into doing a cat eye for all occasions! It took a while to get it down right (and I still don't think i've completely mastered it) but I love it! My tip is to draw the part that extends kind of small, you can always go back and build on it. Also, using a combination of liquid eye liner and black pencil is great because you can outline the shape with the liquid eye liner and then go back with pencil which gives you more control for evening out the eyes to balance them! The hardest part is definitely making sure the winged extension part is the same on both sides.

Meow eyes+ looking super asian

Bear Holding Balloon at Sunset, 2010 

My 7th parking violation while living in LA, this time for parking the wrong way on a street.

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  1. You are incredibly beautiful; you did a good job with the eyeliner.

    shame on you for the parking violations! :D


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