Peonies! Trader Joes is selling bunches of them right now, I'm going to go pick some up tomorrow.

Something that I also love are medjool dates eaten with blue cheese. I feel like I'm really alone in my love for blue cheese, but whatever.  I like a snappier tasting cheese than a milder one.

My meal at Breadbar. I had a croque monsieur that came with a little side salad along with a cup of caulifower soup. The sandwich was pretty good but I gave the cornichons to Grant and he seemed to like the eensie pickles. The side salad was meh and the soup was under seasoned. Everything looked nice, though!
I updated my Etsy store, I'm selling the yellow blouse in this picture. This is a baby step towards me feeling more comfortable posting outfit shots later down the line!

Also: I can't wait till I get my new camera! I've had my current camera ever since 2006 and while I do love it and it takes nice pictures, there is always way too much noise in almost every picture I take without flash. Also, the image stabilizer on the camera isn't great so pictures often come out blurry--not anymore!

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