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No school means blissfully lounging around and doing things at my own pace. It also means getting to see friends! A brief continuation of yesterday's post...

Erin and Chris at Umami Burger

So last night the three of us checked out Umami Burger. I had heard the hype about this place via numerous food blogs so I was excited to finally go! Umami, for those unfamiliar, is the "fifth taste" right along with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Umami is I guess savory? Foods that are allegedly umami laden are: soy sauce, mushrooms, most cheeses, beef, etc. You get the picture.
 Not gonna lie, Erin's bang game is flawless. Gotta learn how to avoid the dreaded split bang!

Okay so we went and right off the bat Erin noticed the B rating. A harbinger of things to come? Well the restaurant itself is right next to Fred Segal in Santa Monica so there were  a lot of "LA types" eating dinner while simultaneously checking their Blackberry and ignoring their dinner dates. The restaurant is kind of small and spare, I guess minimalistic could be used as an adjective here. Anyway, it was super loud inside so it was hard to hear what we were talking about. I thought service was kind of meh, we kept asking for waters and the waiter kind of took a while which was weird since although the restaurant was full, it wasn't like there were tons of people waiting for their tables and it didn't seem like a frenzied dinner atmosphere. 

Food-wise, it was okay. Not super amazing but decent. I should have taken pictures but whatevaaaa. Anyway, Erin got the veggie burger which was bright pink (beets maybe?) and while it was good we all agreed it was kind of weird tasting. A definite top note of soy sauce that lingered throughout. I got the Caliburger (meet, american cheese, dried tomato, butter lettuce) and it had a sweet note to it which confused me. I thought Chris's Hatch burger was the best (meet, cheese, jalapenos) so I would recommend that. We then got french fries, sweet potato fries, and tempura onion rings. They were all okay although If you want amazing sweet potato friends you have to go to Native Foods! Perfectly seasoned and super delicious. 

Okay so after dinner we decide on going to Apple Pan for pie!

The place is small and no nonsense. You sit around a big counter and tell the waiters/cooks (all men in their 50s+!) what you'd like. No small talk, lots of paper plates, and delicious food!! The banana cream pie (pictured above) is amazing. Probably the best i've ever had. They also give you real cream with your coffee and cream soda is served in a paper cone nestled inside a silver drinking horn. The place is so no nonnsense and totally not gimicky. I loved it!

Kinda blurry but you get it. This is the cash register they use!

So all in all a delicious night was had! Fun with friends and good food...you really can't complain!

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