Out of my comfort zone

Outfit details: Everything is from a thrift store except my underthings cuz das nasty.

Lola just hemmed the dress I'm wearing, it was a lot longer but she accidentally made it a little too short so I'm wearing an accordion pleat skirt under. I actually really like the layered skirts, the pleated skirt kind of serves as a petticoat so it makes it seem that the dress is fuller than it really is.  As is known, I'm a sucker for peter pan collars so I couldn't pass this dress up when I saw it. I guess wearing navy blue and black is a huge faux pas but I really like the combination together so haters to the left.  Aaaand it is likely that I will only be wearing flat shoes whenever I post outfit pictures, I just can't with heels. I CANT!
Also I'm probably going to link my etsy store on the side which is a huge deal to me since I tried to keep that store pretty much hidden from everyone since I was embarassed about the photos of me on there. So right now, I should be commended for how brave I'm being.

Also, this outfit is more involved than most I wear on the daily since I'm going to a work dinner tonight.  An excuse to dress up!

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