Things I love...

Mural by Retna on Pico & Fairfax

This week: climbing in to super soft, clean sheets; getting Thrifty black cherry ice cream in a sugar cone 5 minutes before the drugstore closes; THE LAKESHOW (even though I don't even remotely follow sports, seeing everyone excited makes me feel all warm inside and glad to be from SoCal); Moreover, Lola LOSING IT when the Lakers beat the Celtics "ayyyyy!!! jengggg, ko-beh!!!"; the smell of pomegranate and cassis courtesy of the reed diffuser I got from Target; late night vegetarian bbqs in the LBC; finding out that I received the second highest grade in the class on a paper that I actually cared about (effort actually pays off?!); G-chatting on the regular with one of my most favorite people ever; seeing old faces; pan pardiu breakfasts for two; actually making sales on Etsy this week; eating ridiculously ripe mangoes all through the week; holding a cat as if an infant!

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