On Thursday Grant and I decided to head off to Zuma Beach in LA to lounge in the sun and take it easy. Little did we know how eventful this day at the beach would be...
To catch a predator in full effect

So we plop down and see this man directly to our left. He's probably sitting about 10 feet away from us. I first notice his ridiculous 90s neon gettup complete with obnoxious wrap around bright yellow sunglasses. I then notice that he has set up shop behind a gaggle of high school girls who are innocently sunning themselves while laying on their stomachs meaning that their teenage butts are in full view of this creep.
 Note his decoy book

In fact, this guy fully whips out his camera and shamelessly ogles these girls ( as well as anyone within his line of sight!) via digital camera! I have never seen such blatant pervert-try! I even caught his eye once or twice and he had his sunglasses creepily lowered a little and I just glared back at him. Finally, this huge Dad type guy marched up to him and was like:

Dad guy: Hey you been takin pictures today
Perv: Uh...kind of                                            
Dad guy: Oh yeah? What of?                           
Perv: Uh...(gestures vaguely) the ocean...         
Dad guy: Yeah, okay. You better not be taking pictures of these kids you hear me??
Perv: uh uh...ok                                                 

Then everyone turned around and glared at him. Even his laugh was super creepy, it was like: heh. heh. heh. 

If that wasn't exciting, we then notice these two blonde teenage identical twins sitting kind of in front of us. A few moments later we see this mob of teens descend upon them asking to take pictures with them, it was a frenzy! 

I head this girl saying that those twins were the twin girls from The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Yeah, what? Who? Upon further inspection when we got back to my apartment, I guess they're kind of famous.
Teen dream

Later, as we took a stroll along the shore we noticed some gems that had washed ashore.
Jelly fish! And lots of them.

A sea baby, stuck on land!

On the way home, Kim Kardashian drove next to us for a second. No pictures since who really cares?


  1. Oh so what you did was take pictures of high school kids and diverted you prevness on to the other guy! You just as sick as he is!
    Even worse you took picture of little kids as well you sick f***!


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