beads and sequins



This is probably one of my most favorite things that I have ever bought. Everything about it from the cut, the scalloped sleeves, the color, the beading and sequins...to me it's a work of art. Perhaps it subconsciously influenced me to paint my room the same shade (my room used to be lavender and as you can see, it now matches the color of this blouse so perfectly!)? It's probably from the '80s but I like to pretend that it's from the 1920s since the details are so impeccable and remind me of the era.  I've only worn it once but I like to take it out just to look at it...is that weird? Well, even if it is I don't really care.

To make this post a little less precious, maybe I should have bought this mug the other day:


  1. Great post! That top was superb!


  2. What a great find!!! You should show us how you style that beautiful top =)

    And the mug is adorable.

  3. @ Lisa: thanks girl! Maybe i'll try to think of an outfit with that top and post it for you all ;-)

  4. That top is amazing. If it was mine, I would keep it hanging on my wall. (Thanks for visiting my blog).

  5. Yea that top is amazing! I love anything that color :)

    thank you for stopping by my blog!


  6. Beautiful top... very 1920s.

  7. that top is to die for!!! u should definitely wear it more often. it's absolutely beautiful...


  8. Oh I don't think it's weird at all to treat fashion as art. As a good friend often said to me: certain clothes, when designed and made really well, ARE art.

    I too have a piece I seldom wear but always admire. It's a hand-embroidered chinoiserie cape in the most gorgeous golds. I uncovered it during an amazing sale at (no longer with us) Couture Club in Chicago, on sale for $50! I've often thought of framing it, it's that beautiful.


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