Blues are still blue

It's been such ugly and gray weather lately (it's JULY!) that I feel like this photo is not only appropriate but accurate of my current surroundings. Outfit: Sapphire blue pleated, 40's style blouse---thrift store, black faded Levi's, Rite Aid shoes.

Cuff I bought at a flea market in NYC

Later Natalie and I ended our day via a swing sesh at my old elementary school.


  1. That cuff is so pretty, great find!

  2. Your hair is just perfect and I love that first photo of you. :]

  3. @ Kirstin: Thanks girl! The only problem with that cuff is sometimes the clasp fails and it falls off...nothing a little tape can't fix!!

    @ Sewon: Thank you so much!! I felt a little silly posting that first picture but I'm glad you like it =)


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