Moon Stone beach, Cambria

Grant makes contact with a sea squirrel 
Olalliberry Pie (tastes like boysenberry) from Linn's in Cambria
Bomb root beer
Perusing through a random thrift store 
Nitt Witt Ridge in Cambria. Also known as the "Poor Man's Hearst Castle". Bummed that they weren't doing tours anymore!
Turkey vulture

Outfit details: Ivory silk long sleeve shirt with front flaps: thrift store, Black jeans: Levis, Brown boots: Target

On our second day we headed off to Cambria (another quaint town filled with Bed & Breakfasts, cute restaurants, and picturesque views) and ate at Linn's for lunch. Grant and I shared a veggie pot pie (although I had to pick out the chunks of tofu...something about the texture gives me the heeby jeebies!) that came with a side of lumpy mashed potatoes and then we had a slice of olalliberry pie and washed it down with a root beer. It was all super good. 

After lunch we drove to Moon Stone beach and did some 'splorin. It was such a nice day, the sky was bright blue and the ocean was a deep blue. We saw some dolphins and so many squirrels scurrying around the beach steps! I thought it was going to be way colder so I packed quasi-cold weather clothing...I need to consult an accurate 7 Day Forecast weather widget for next time. In any case, what I wore was appropriate since it was still comfortable and we did lots of meandering off the beaten path so those boots were life savers.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing a pack of deer running side by side off the side of the road! So awesome. I knew I said that I'd lump Cambria and Big Sur together on my last post but the areas we visited were so distinct that it makes more sense to separate them again! 

Coming up: Big Sur

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  1. Looks like fun! Looking forward to the Big Sur pictures ;)!

  2. looks like a wonderful day for you!! :D love the boots and blouse! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. wow what gorgeous picture! and i love your outfit :)

  4. I have always wanted to go to Nitwit Ridge!!! I love Cambria. I grew up going to Big Sur every summer!! Its beautiful! Have fun! Oh and I love those boots!

  5. these pics are perfect. so is your outfit...oooohhhhh big sur!!! can't wait!!


  6. you are so cute! i love the simplicity of this white shirt and black jeans, looks gorgeous!

  7. everything looks lovely!

  8. Gorgeous pictures. You look so happy and cute. I simply love your hair and buttoned up shirt :]

  9. Thanks for the help on the film camera! I will definitely look into the one you mention.
    I love the pictures! Looks like you are having a lovely vacation.


  10. adorable pictures!
    i love your outfit
    especially your boots

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  11. Gorgeous pictures! I love your shoes!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  12. great photos!
    I'm stunned.


  13. Looks like a nice place over there. I'm crazy about the boots!
    And you're such a pretty girl!

  14. I love that you used the word "Bomb", LOL.
    And you are so skinny, I'm so jealous. You have the perfect body for those skinny jeans and booties !<3


  15. These pics are STUNNNNNNNNNNNING! Love the colors and it looks like you had a total blast! Love your blog..it's fantastic! Can't believe it's August tommorow! WOW!
    xo The Beckerman Girls


  16. thank you SO much for your kind comment! I floss my teeth waaaaay too much !

    let's follow each other? :)

    love, polly

  17. Hi :D it's my first time visiting your blog :) amazing views and great pics :D
    have a nice day!
    btw follow you! follow me too? :)
    DaisyLine from http://daisyline.blogspot.com/

  18. That pie looks deeeeelishh!! Looks like you're having a pretty fun adventure in these pics x


  19. OMG! I absolutely ADORE this outfit. It's perfection. The shirt is soo perfect, exactly what I've been seraching for a loooong time. I hate that all the perfect shirts are vintage or from thrift stores :( However, i just stumbled upon your blog and I must say it's supergreat. Can't wait to start following you! You have such a great sense of style!


  20. I really enjoyed your beach photos-especially all the little critters. Nitt Witt Ridge also looks creepy in a good way and oh so fun to explore :)

    Neat adventure!

    B from A plus B

  21. Looks like such a fun trip! My boyfriend and I recently took a similar trip (mostly to camp in Big Sur) which was SO much fun - I love that area.


  22. This looks like so much fun! Love your shots, they're great :) And yay, Orange County ftw!


  23. You look fab in that white top! And that pie looks truly spectacular.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more.
    xo Josie

  24. These photos are so gorgeous. I love your outfit as well.

  25. gorgeous pictures <3 loving your blog, have followed you :)


  26. Looks like it was a fantastic trip, I am well jealous! And Moon Stone beach is such a great name, you could set a mystery, a romance, or a classic there! You look great as usual, and I especially love your boots. ; )

  27. Your outfit looks awesome. So does that pie. And that house! Looooove it!

    What is the creature in the fifth (I think) photo?? Haha.


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