Cayucos & Carpinteria

Outfit details: Blue plaid 3/4 sleeve shirt: Sale Urban Outfitters, White washed Levis: TJ Maxx, Brown boots: Target, 70s brown corduroy coat with white shearling: thrift store

Okay so I'm back from vacation and I took way too many pictures (not a new thing). This means that I'm splitting up the blog postage of my Central Coast adventure  into several easily digestible chunks.

Grant & I left Orange County Monday at a little after 1PM and drove all the way to Carpinteria (a small town by Santa Barbara) before taking a pb&j, Have'a chip, and fruit leather break at a small park near the beach. As luck would have it, a ginger kitty wanted in on the action and joined our little impromptu picnic. Carpinteria was (as you can see) cold, windy, and gray but it didn't stop people from heading off to the beach! I wish we could have explored more since the town itself looked really quaint, maybe next time.

On the way to Cayucos we passed tons of vineyards and the weather started getting sunnier and it continued all the way to Cayucos. For those confused about where I am in the world, Cayucos is a sleepy beach town past San Luis Obispo. It looks like a  cowboy town set right on the beach!

Anyway, we drove to Morro Bay and had fish tacos and a veggie burrito at a place called Taco Temple which was surprisingly good (great mango salsa!) then we took a sunset drive to watch the ocean for a bit and called it a day.

Up next: Cambria and Big Sur...stay tuned!


  1. Big Sur is one of my all time favorite places ever. I live in Santa Cruz, which isn't too shabby.

    Great pictures by the way.

  2. My husband and I took a similar trip earlier this year. So many beautiful sights and cute little towns!

  3. Sounds good! I love travel posts! Looks like that cat was quite a character... and I love fish tacos!

    I've always wanted to do an American road trip, ever since I read Lolita...

  4. hi ashley..thanks for stopping by my blog..i totally love the checked look and those boots are swell..:)

  5. What a beautiful couple! & that mountain on the ocean is impressive. Looks like a fun trip! I want to see those big trees out there one day. :)

  6. Ooo, it looks like fun. You look very cute too.
    Re: your comment...I still love dairy...I just change what my dairy of the moment is. I couldn't eat tacos without sour cream, and I eat yogurt constantly now.

  7. Hey Ashley, thanks for stopping by! That looks like a wonderful trip along the coastline, the pics are beautiful. And I feel like plaid shirts are great for traveling.

  8. SOOoo beautiful!! love how you two are both in plaids! :D

  9. Gorgeous laid back outfit!Is that your cute kitten?

    xo Lynzy

  10. you guys look cute wearing plaids! :D

  11. Mmm mango salsa is the best! :) I'm glad you took a ton of photos, can't wait to see 'em all. Looks like a fun picnic even if it was cold out. You look adorable!

  12. Cute outfit, I like tho shirt ;)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Love, Angie

    Visit me: styleninfa.blogspot.com

  13. Oh, these are beautiful pictures! That kitty looks so fluffy. I love the one of it sitting on the table. :)

  14. you are so pretty! i love everything about this look - seems like you had a great vacation. i'm looking forward to seeing more!

    visit/follow me :)


  15. Gosh the landscape there is so lovely, isn't it? <3

    And I'm finishing up my Masters in education, btw. Curricular design with certificates in Reading technology, English Lit./Language arts and American History. GAH.
    Thanks for asking! :)

  16. gorgeous pics! i adore the setting.


    xo Alison

  17. What a goodlooking couple! You two must attract a lot of stares everywhere you go. Hehe.

    I love these photos. You look gorgeous in them. That cat is beautiful. :)

  18. Gorgeous photos. You two are such a pretty pair. I love those plaid shirts.


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