Glamorous Glue

Outfit details: Morrissey shirt (!!!) gift from my boyfriend, I think he got it on Ebay, Southwestern-ish tiered skirt: thrift store, black flats: Target

I'm actually on vacation right now (Central Coast of California, so beautiful!) so this post shall be short and sweet. I wore this outfit a few days ago but forgot to post it. All I have to say is that Morrissey rules, and I have always loved t-shirts paired with skirts. I think it dresses down a piece of clothing that can veer onto being too girly. As I typed that last sentence it occurred to me that a lot of the outfits I post on this blog paint me to seem like a very feminine dresser...which is only half true. I dress like a skater boy the other half! of the time Lots of skinny jeans, vintage  oversized t shirts, oversized grandpa cardigans, and comfortable sneakers.  Maybe I'll throw everyone in for a loop and post some of those pictures one of these days.

Expect lots of beautiful pictures when I come back! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' or whatever floats your boat!


  1. Morrissey is definitely cool...as is your outfit. I hope you are having fun on the coast.
    I am already following you on Bloglovin' :)

  2. ohh I heart morriseey. cute flowy skirt too xx


  3. Have a great vacation! Cute skirt :)

  4. Gorgeous skirt!

    xo Lynzy

  5. i am in love with those shoes. i have one pair of pointy toed black flats, but i wear them all too often, and so they're in need of replacement!

    perfect outfit!

  6. I love all the southwestern influences in your style, and of course the Smiths are awesome!
    If you start posting your skater costumes I'll have to start posting my stay-home-writer-enormous-shirts-and-unbrushed-hair looks... ; )

  7. Cute look! It's finally been clearing up slightly here in the Monterey Bay area, so hopefully you get some sunshine on your trip!

  8. i am so loving the prints on the skirt..and it has a lovely flare too :)

  9. Speaking of blog titles, I love yours! Love the alliteration.

    Hope you have an amazing vacation and I can't wait to see photos when you get back! :)

  10. I love your skirt! It looks so flowy and has the neatest pattern on it. I love it with your shirt. :) too great <3

  11. I love this outfit, The Smiths are awesome! Hope you're having lots of fun on vacation!

  12. i was really clever how you paired the printed tee with the patterned skirt.
    i would never think to do that, but you really pulled it together beautifully.
    i really like your blog and your style is amazing.

    thanks for your comment!

  13. @ Holly: I'll have to thank Steven Morrissey for the blog title! Check that song out, it's pretty great!!

  14. Omg. I'm obsessed with Moz. OBSESSED! Lol.

    So, yeah, I'm totally in love with your shirt right now. :P

    That skirt is gorgeous too, m'dear. xo

  15. Can't believe you thrifted that fabulous skirt.
    I totally know what you mean about having two 'personalities': feminine and skater. I'm kind of the same way myself!

    The Fashion Society

  16. I LOVE Morrissey and I love that your boyfriend got you that shirt. Yes, you're right, I think we could be friends! xx

  17. you're adorable! i love the central coast as well..was just there on a mini vacay..don't forget to stop by san luis obispo, the best clam chowder resides at Splash Cafe! : )


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