This is the Target that I frequent.

Legs for days.

 This pup in a sand castle caught Grant's eye.

Decisions, decisions.


You're welcome:


  1. Hey sista, I found my way over here from your b.c. intro on LJ today.
    You rule, btw.

    <3 Kirstin (a.k.a. your newest follower! check out my expat blog if you want too, please!)

    p.s. - I can't believe the story about your accident! Thank God you survived and are still kicking it, that is too crazy!

  2. Hey girl hey!! Thank you so much for the concern, I'm almost better!

    Consider yourself followed =)

  3. Haha hilarious! I've never seen/heard of Baby Daddy. I love it!

    My dog kinda looks like that dog, she's a Jack Russell with one brown eye. Cute.

    Are those ALL flavours of Easy Mac? Wow. I think we only have the plain kind here! Crazy.

  4. @ Holly: What! You've got a Jack Russell?! I'm so jealous. They are too, too cute.

    And omg YES about all those flavors of easy mac...they have a pizza flavored one which I've never seen but most of the rest are variations of cheesiness (ex: EXTREME CHEEZ! SUPER CHEESY! etc)!


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