Memory Lane

Outfit details: white crochet front blouse: thrift store (buy it from me HERE), brown belt: thrift store, floaty accordion pleat floral skirt: thrift store

Outfit details: White lace peasant blouse: thrift store (buy it from me HERE), mustard pocket skirt: American Apparel, flats with brown trim: Target

So these two pictures are from a year ago (note my short hair!) but the reason that I'm posting them is that I am selling the blouses in these two photos. If you'd like to take a peak, follow the links and head on over to my Etsy store, Three Feathers Vintage.

About these pictures, they're from when I was into Chictopia and would post outfits there in order to promote my store. Fast forward another year and I've pretty much gotten over doing that stuff but looking back on my outfits/things I've sold has definitely made me nostalgic...for example:

This dress. I am so mad that I sold it. Not only is the length right, it had flutter sleeves and was a dead ringer for that See by Chloe dress!!  Ahh!!!!

The skirt was a close call. I had put it up for sale (this was when I sold stuff on e-bay) and last minute the buyer backed out but I'm so glad they did! Definitely one of my favorite purchases, I'm a sucker for Southwestern inspired things.

Also, If anyone wants to do a link exchange or anything let me know! I'm totally up for it =)


  1. Thanks for visiting showersofsunflower.blogspot! Your blog is awesome, and you have super rad style :)! I am a follower now for sure!!!

  2. cute blog! i would love to do a link exchange!!

    follow my blog! i will follow yours! and then we can link as well!

    ♥ http://www.allisterbee.blogspot.com

  3. Haha, I would never in a million years have sold that dress, but I have definitely in the past gotten rid of things I shouldn't have! Grrrr...

    Thanks for following by the way, I'm also following you. And I'll be up for a link exchange... just maybe not this week (am kind of ignoring the nuts and bolts of the blog until the weekend. But later, definitely!

    Oh, and I second Hannah, you look amazing in everything!

  4. I adore both of the first two outfit, amazing!

  5. love your style miss!

  6. @ Hannah and Emily: you guys are way too sweet! i'm blushing!

    @ Emily: Yeah let's link it up! Just let me know when you're up for it!

  7. The skirt in last photo is worth keeping. Looks lovely on you

  8. P.S. I forgot to say... you should try and get to Mexico one day. The North is pretty unstable it's true, but I've lived in Guadalajara and Puebla, and never had any problems. Guadalajara in particular is a wonderful city... you'll get to see a bit of it on the blog in coming weeks!

  9. The first outfit is my favorite. I love the way you styled it. I would wear it in a heart beat.

    I don't think I will ever understand how you shop owners can give up such nice clothes that look lovely on you. You must have amazing will power. :)

    B from A plus B

  10. You're very pretty and I'm glad you got to keep that last skirt! I'm in the process of selling/giving away some vintage goods and it's sooo hard to let them go!

  11. Lovely blouses! I especially like the second one.

  12. thanks for visiting me! love your blog so much i went through ALL the posts! ok...i sound scary ><
    anyway, i'll link you up!
    and and, love the first pic, the styling and all,so ethereal :)

  13. omg your style is so STYLISH!
    Love your blogggggggg :D

  14. Gorgeous vintage pieces. I am loving your sense of style! I just stumbled onto your blog and am now a new follower, follow me?
    xo Lynzy

  15. You are very quirky! I don't think I could pull off half those clothes you have on!

    Link exchange? I'll follow your sweet blog.


  16. You are gorgeous. All of these are so cute! ♥

    Same Page Notion

  17. I love the first outfit !

    See U !


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