Murder of crows

Outfit details: dress turned into a romper: thrift store and the help of Lola (my grandma), braided hemp belt: my moms from the 90s, suede lace up shoes: thrift store

These shoes are freakishly comfortable, they remind me of Clarks desert boots (which every well dressed guy should own!) with a decidedly feminine twist.

Belt detail

A bracelet that I thought looked good with the outfit...after I took photos. From the Philippines, I'm not really sure what it's made out of though.

So i've been on blogging role as of late. Expect this to change once August roles around because I have summer school then. Three classes in 6 weeks. D :

On a different note, a few pictures that I've been wanting to post but keep forgetting:

Dark chocolate & raspberry in a sugar cone

I think Raspberry chesecake with white chocolate in sugar cone

If you're in Orange County and want want really good ice cream then go to Hans ice cream in Costa Mesa/ Santa Ana. It's handmade every day (there's a little ice cream room with glass that lets you look in on the people making ice cream!) and they always have such great flavors. It's also decorated like an old timey ice-cream parlor. A+.

Misc pictures from the 4th of July...
This pictures does this dog little justice because it was MASSIVE! The guy say down next to us and every 5 minutes someone would come and ask about the dog/pet it/ buy it a turkey leg to munch on, etc.

4th of July HB crew minus Grant and Rob

This guy.


  1. hollly crap. i LOVE your romper!!! I would love to see what it looked like as a dress; the print is really cute.

    Those shoes are also quite a steal; I never find stuff in that great condition when I go thrifting :(


  2. very cute romper! love your bracelet as well :)

  3. Love the shoes!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog :-)

    Little Rachael Vintage

  4. you look so pretty! there are so many cute details to this outfit!

  5. Great idea, turning the dress into a romper. Rompers are possibly the most comfortable things every invented! Have been checking out your Etsy store by the way: very cute and affordable stuff!

  6. Love that outfit so much! Very cute :)!

  7. your blog is so nice
    and your shoes too
    ahaha but the best thing there is the raspberry ice cream, looks delicious


  8. Very Cute Outfits!)


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