Parliament of Owls

Since I'm way too lazy to drag my tripod outside this is the best outfit post setting I can offer you: my camera precariously balanced on top of my window with my messy room in the background D : 

Outfit details: black racer back tank top: Old Navy, skinny tan belt: thrift store, Striped skirt: thrift store.

Belt detail

I should have taken pictures of the necklaces I'm wearing (maybe another post?) since they are so awesome. One is a piece of raw crystal and the other is a very long necklace with a John Paul II (Jp2) coin pendant. I was so excited to find the raw crystal since they are kind of a hot commodity right now but my tip is if you live in Southern California or anywhere remotely considered the South West you can go to any Native American/ Mission/ Rancher/Cowboy area and stumble upon a gift shop that sells crystal pendents. I got mine for $2.99 I think. Definitely a lot cheaper than buying one for upwards of up to $100+

You can see the length of the skirt better in this picture. Doesn't change the fact that mirror pictures are kinda lame.


  1. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the look of yours and the skirt too!

  2. love the skinny belt and skirt! and i love your hair as well! :)

  3. love that belt! great outfit so chic :D



  4. I like a good mirror shot sometimes! By the way, I lovvvve your header. What a brilliant photograph!


  5. skirt and belt are great! thx for the jewelry tip too!



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