A post of what I wore today:

Details: Navy blue children's blazer (thrift store), silk button-up shirt (thrift store), black cigarette pants (Levi's).

Behind me is the monstrosity that is my closet. I haven't had doors to my closet since 2003.

I love the flaps on this blouse and puritan style buttoning is my forte, as it would seem.

A tiny fake pearl pinky ring found at the Rose Bowl flea market. I like how the pearls are clustered in three since that's my lucky number. My hand also looks like a claw D:

In other news, HA! HA! at Lindsay Lohan going to jail for 90 days. Just goes to show that celebrities aren't above the law.

Bitch. Boom. BYE!

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  1. aahh! i read the lilo news! hahaha! serves her right!

    anyway, you look great in that blazer! my closet is just overflowing with items.. i really need to clean it up! haha!

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