San Clemente and other things

Outfit details: Drop waist dress: thrift store, Rip off Club Masters: a random drug store

Yesterday Grant and I went on a little day trip to San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente. We actually didn't go inside the Mission but we poked around the surrounding area and it's official: I love old California style things. Now while I don't agree with the actual mission system per se, I do like the aesthetic of the era such as California/Spanish style architecture and native plants mixed with Native American influences. Anyway, we ended up in San Clemente on a super windy day but it was nice and sunny out. I still hold onto the belief that Laguna Beach has the best beaches in California but San Clemente has pretty turquoise water so it's not so bad. 

Obsession: Cherry Cokes from Ruby's! We got grilled cheeses near the mission and they were super good.

Don't pay attention to Grant but please focus your eyes on the vision behind him! When I sat down I was immediately drawn toward this man's tasteful usage of turquoise jewelry (note the statement piece necklace, chunky cuffs gracing both arms, and multiple turquoise rings) paired with his Hawaiian shirt (maybe from Gary's Island?) and palm tree trucker hat. Ugh! I loved him.
As we drove around the Los Rios district (San Juan Capistrano's oldest neighborhood) we spied this tree house! UNFAIR.  The bougainvillea was the icing on the cake.
Pretty rocks we found on the beach. San Clemente is like half sand half pebble/rock beach. No sea glass, though!


  1. How can we become friends with that man? I want a hawaiian shirt just like that and some turquoise jewelry. :]

  2. I knowww!!!!! I wanted everything I saw on him, and he was so tan too! He was just sitting alone eating fries and having a milkshake. Love him.

  3. That's a great dress that you got at a thrift store... I never have that kind of luck! And I have to say, I really like your inspiration post above. I'm not generally a fan of inspiration posts, but 1920s dress + Frida Kahlo is right up my alley! This is a great blog!



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