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I finally mastered ( I think) the milk maid braid. It's pretty easy, just make two braids and pin them to your head but for me, the pinning part was the trickiest! My tip is to make sure you position the bobbypins in alternating directions like this: \/\/\/
Dress detail

So the dress i'm wearing is on its last leg which is a shame. I don't know why, but the material tears and shreds so easily! The dress is from a thrift store but it had long sleeves with shoulder pads and I think it went past my knees. Lucky for me my grandma is the best tailor in the world and she fixed it up. I love the bust especially because of the buttons and the crocheted lace. You probably can't tell but there is also a sash on this dress which I love! All dresses should be sashed in my opinion.

The last picture is my attempt to recreate a dessert from a restaurant that my friend works at. I think they might have called it Divnia but in any case my version is just cut up fresh berries sprinkled with sugar and a squeeze of lemon layered with pound cake (lemon pound cake for me!) and then smeared with mascarpone cheese that I added a touch of cream, sugar, and lemon again. An easy desert to make on a summer day, I recommend it!

On Monday my boyfriend and I are heading up to Cayucos and Big Sur and I couldn't be more thrilled! Expect lots of pretty pictures in posts to come.


  1. You take the milk maid braid to a whole new level. Oh my goodness.

    Okay - Big Sur is on my list. You have to tell me what you do and where I need to go without falling off a cliff and plunging to my bloody death.

    I dream of Big Sur...

    Have an outstanding trip. Take the dress with you - it's divine on you!


  2. The milk maid braid and your dress look fantastic on you! Such a cute look.
    Your dessert looks very yummy too...

  3. I LOVE mascarpone cheese! Your grandmother works magic. I'm loving the dress with the milk maid braids. Have a good trip! :]

  4. That desert look delicious. Too bad the dress won't last longer. It's very pretty!

  5. you are so gorgeous. i love love love that dress. it's perfect!


  6. Your hair is way too pretty like that. So gorgeous. :D and I love that dress. <3

  7. Pretty dress! I wish that my hair was long enough to braid it like that! Have fun in Big Sur; I love it there so much! Hopefully it doesn't get hit hard by fire season this year!

  8. Your milk maid braids look fantastic, I tried them out last weekend although mine didn't look as good as yours! And that dessert sounds delicious x


  9. The dress is so cute and I love the way you did your hair, you look gorgeous!

  10. your hair looks gorgeous!!!

    stop by sometime <3

  11. Beautiful beautiful dress! And your face/hair is stunning!

    Love it! Work it, girl!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  12. amazing look
    lovely blog!!

  13. What a cute braids!
    I like your dress a lot too:)

  14. Nice hairstyle!


  15. I love your hair I wish I can pull that look off ! Great blog btw, I'm following:)


  16. The dress is too pretty and with the braids the look is complete

  17. You are so pretty! :))) And Your dress...I love it! :)

  18. Gorgeous dress and I love your hair.:)SarahD

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog.:)

  19. Your milkmaid braids look great! My biggest problem is making the braids on an angle where they want to curve up against my head rather than down. Probably because my hair is also a bit short. Lovely dress too!

  20. love the polka dots..super cute outfit and nice blog :)


  21. I love your hair! It looks so pretty. I have such a hard time with the pinning part too! I just cannot figure out how to use bobby pins! Haha. It's quite sad actually.

    That's such a pretty dress! I hope it holds up for you a bit longer.

    I looooooove lemon flavoured anything. I actually just ate a mini lemon cupcake, it's so good! Lemon pound cake sounds delicious, especially with berries! Mmm.

  22. pretty dress you look amaazing

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think



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