Things I love...


First and foremost, scotchmallow bars from Sees Candy!; seeing best pals who live too far away; hitting thrift store gold (namely finding an old Snoopy t-shirt and a super soft camel, slouchy cardigan); related: this really pretty tin flowered canister that reminds me of tiles from Catalina (i'll post a picture tomorrow); super sweet seedless watermelon and Strawberry all fruit popsicles; making new e-friends and blog readers (hi!!); planning camping trips (maybe Big Sur or Yosemite?) and looking up "camp friendly" cooking recipes; lighting fireworks in the middle of a suburban street while special firework/police force helicopters fly overhead in order to try to quell such tomfoolery (only an Orange County city would have the money to do this); listening to my zzz mix which I personally think is the perfect relaxing/quiet play list...i'll post it one day ;-), vegan bbqs and actually liking soy hot dogs with sauerkraut; roasted corn!!; vegan ginger cookies, strawberry cupcakes, and chocolate peanut butter cake; free bank card customizations (this time a black and white picture of a carousel, yeah i'm *~aRtSy~* obviously), being thanked in Deanna Templeton's photo book, Scratch My Name on Your Arm (I'm so honored!!), and more!

That was a long list but I forgot about doing posts like these for a little bit. Never a bad thing to remember and look back upon simple pleasures and things that made you smile throughout your week!

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