Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket

Outfit details: 70s navy blue floral dress: thrift store, chestnut mary janes: Clarks via Amazon, cat eye sunglasses: Forever 21

This dress is kind of a no brainer whenever I want to look put together while exercising the least amount of effort! My only complaint is the bust is so, so big! I'll have to work on getting it taken in someday soon. 

I've noticed that I wear a lot of navy blue and red. It's not intentional but I suppose I do gravitate towards those colors in clothing. Colors I don't like to wear? Yellow (since my skin has yellow undertones the overall effect is kind of sickly/gross looking. Although, there are a few shades that work okay like banana yellow!), tan (don't want to look naked thank you very much!), and baby pink/ baby blue. What about you guys? What colors do you like to wear? What colors do you stay away from?

I have lots of pictures to post from my LA adventures around town. One of the (few) upsides of living in LA are all the cool museums/galleries that are near! Yesterday, Grant and I showed our friends from NYC who are visiting a few key places that we enjoy like the Getty and this amazing, AMAZING,  persian ice cream place by my apartment called Saffron & Rose. Honestly, 5/5 stars. SO. GOOD. I should write a little LA/OC guide one of these days to introduce you all to some quality gems off the beaten path!

Anyway, last night was the Perseid meteor shower (actually it might still be going on tonight!) and we headed out of the house at around 12 AM and drove up to Malibu into the foothills. Along the way, we saw a baby deer on the side of the road! It was so curious and even came a bit closer after some coaxing but then quickly scampered off. We drove up the little mountain some more and into an allegedly closed off section of the road and parked the car. It was surprisingly warm and the breeze carried the scent of licorice smelling flowers into the air. We leaned against my car and gazed at the sky and waited for shooting stars. We were definitely treated to quite the show! At one point we saw such a large shooting star,  it illuminated the sky like a firework and glowed greenish and we all swear we heard it make some sort of sizzling noise as it whizzed by! Such a nice night, makes me want to go out to Joshua tree or up north for next year's show!

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Also, if you want to see what I looked like post hospital stay and post surgeries  after getting hit by a car in January (crazy story and i'm so thankful to be alive!)...click HERE


  1. i love the cat eye sunglasses i've been looking for the perfect pair but so far have failed! the dress is great too, the navy looks great on your skin tone. I'm pretty fair with pinkish undertones so i can't really wear reds and browns don't look good with my haircolor (at least i think) and i cant really wear orange. how was the meteor shower? i didn't get a chance to see it last night but maybe i will tonight!


  2. This dress is incredibly gorgeous! I love the design (especially the sleeves!) and that striking shade of blue. It's a wonderful color on you. :)

    My fave color to wear is hot pink. For some reason I can get away with it. Lol. A color I will never wear is traffic-cone orange. It's so gross!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend! xo

  3. I like your shoes. I like to wear pink but I wear a lot of blue.

  4. love the floral print dress and the lace detail on the sleeves. the night pics are really cool...i get sooo excited with i spot a deer :)

    i love orange tones but think it can be unflattering on me.


  5. Those pictures of your adventure are really nice!
    And you look great in these pictures-- your skin is flawless!

  6. Cute maryjanes and I love the sunglasses! Oh, and I'm following! :)

  7. Beautiful dress - you look stunning x


  8. I love your dress, the color is amazing and it suits you well :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Great shoes and glasses! Actually I like the dress too but it is maybe a leetle big in the top as you say...
    I like most colours that are strong colours (not so big on pastels) and I really dislike tan (so will not be following this supposed camel trend this year). It completely washes me out.

    By the way, I finally added a links bar, and you're already on there... is the offer still standing? ; )

  10. Oh, also, your car accident looks brutal... I got hit by a car once. I think I got off a lot easier than you, but it was really, really scary.

  11. love your dress! am following your blog! follow me?

  12. Great glasses!
    I love navy, blue, white, gray, camel, white, black, khaki ect.
    I hate red, orange.

  13. you are so pretty!! and that dress is just fabulous!!!!


  14. The dress exudes such feminity and the chestnut mary janes contribute to the 'sweet' look. You are beautiful yourself,too!


  15. I love the little pretty frills on the dress. I wear a lot of navy blue too. I think it's just a colour that suits everyone.

  16. i wish i had gotten to see that meteor shower! and your pics are lovely.
    i am always drawn to black, grey, white...and green. and dark red. no pastels!

  17. I adore cat-eye sunglasses. <3

    As far as colors to avoid, whether you like the idea or not, here is my issue: I am the palest, fairest skinned child in all the land. So I avoid most yellows, and anything neon, and oranges (unless they are earth-toney).
    Truthfully most of my wardrobe is black, white or shades of gray. True story. Though I am starting to branch out these days. I'm pretty proud of myself. lol.

  18. love the longer length of this dress, its not something you see often these days ;) re: colours, i love navy and red, peaches and nudes, and cream. i too stray away from yellow unless its like a mustardy colour or a chartreuse or a citrusy lime-green!

    x amie

  19. I like all colors and fear none :)
    Lovely blog!
    I would like to invite you to mine - I think you will really like it :))
    Also, the main reason for my invitation is that I want to invite you to join my Challenge - just click on the link at the very top of my left sidebar and see what it is - I hope you will find it exciting :)
    In any case - I hope you enjoy my blog and of course feel free to follow me if you do! ;)

    Much love,

  20. I have always always wanted to learn to take night shots. I was going to go see the meteor shower but then it didn't work out :(.
    I love wearing blue of any shade, I don't like pink that much but ironically I wear it quite frequently, mustard yellows, but not pastel. Black is a go-to for most people, but it just makes me look washed out and severe. Its unfortunate.

  21. Lovely dress! I am starting to wear red again after fearing it for many years.

  22. Very pretty outfit! Love the dress and shoes.

    I've noticed that I have been sticking to basic colours.

  23. pretty dress and i love mary janes

  24. Oh my goodness that dress is just amazing! love the details on it :]

  25. pretty dress and i like very much your sunglasses.
    My favorite colour to wear is all kind of pink and red :)
    thanx for your comment.
    all the best :)


  26. Those sunglasses look SO freaking good on you! Love it! :) And that baby deer is adorable! Ahhhhhhhhhh. I missed the meteor shower... bummer. I think it was overcast here? I can't remember... ha.


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