Come as You Are

Outfit details: White shirt, handmade by my grandma, black cigarette jeans, Levis, gray wool floppy hat: thrift store, little bird pin: some vintage knickknack store at The Grove, nail color: it has teal in the name and its by OPI

I think that white shirt is so perfectly cut. I love the wide neck, the sleeve length and the fit. Lola (what I call her, it means  grandma in Filipino) is such an amazing clothing maker. I should make a post of all the dresses shes made for me over the years, they are insane. I love her. Annnnd I love me some Levi's jeans. I really don't pay attention to labels but the only thing I insist upon (and the only thing I buy new and splurge on) are a nice pair of Levi's. They have to be Levi's...I think any other brand is just trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to quality denim. I also hate weird back pockets (they make me cringe) or pants that have no back pockets (D:)

Now onto some other things....

About two weeks ago, Grant and I tracked down the famed Grilled Cheese Truck. Luckily it was on campus so finding it wasn't too bad. Real talk: I thought it was just okay. Not sure what the fuss was about.  I could also be biased because I ate macaroni and cheese for breakfast that day and was all cheesed out by noon BUT I will say those tater tots were really good. I got the brie with sliced pear and honey on cranberry walnut and Grant got the macaroni and cheese sandwich. 
Barry McGee
Our friend Deanna (and her husband Ed but he was too embarrassed to stand next to his work) is currently showing at the PRISM gallery in West Hollywood! They are both such amazing artists and the sweetest people ever! I'll have to do a post about their work sometime :)
 Any Dinosaur, Jr. fans in the house? If so you'll recognize this piece for sure. Joseph Szabo  currently at M+B gallery in LA.

After grilled cheese we did some art scoping and drove to the PRISM gallery where we unexpectedly ran into our friends who are also showing at the space! Talk about a coincidence. I'm also kind of terrible at remembering the names of the artists but if you go to the website I'm sure you can find out whos who. After PRISM we trekked on over to M+B for Joseph Szabo and his show is insanely good.  Just picture 1970s beach culture with an emphasis on youth and a keen eye for curious interactions going on in the crowd. 

Anyone wannabe friends? Link exchanges? You can also follow me on BLOGLOVIN' dontcha know ;)


  1. Your outfit looks awesome like always, and those tator tots look yummy right now!

    I need a late night snack ..

  2. Yum. Grilled cheese.

    And I'm absolutely loving you in this floppy hat! I'm not much of a hat person, myself, but you look wonderful!

  3. love the hat and the ankle length jeans, work those ankles! :D

  4. I do love the cut of that top! Awesome with the ankle jeans too! ;)

  5. totally love the hat! and the color of your nails too.
    oh my yummy cheesy food. :D

    ps. followed you on bloglovin coz i think you're awesome :)


  6. love the hat! and that top! tell your grandma she's so gooood :)
    my grandma makes clothes too! i should ask her to make me(or teach me to make) something!
    and and and..cheeeesseee *drools*

  7. in love with the hat!

    and im drooling over those grilled cheese sandwichs

  8. Hehe, your posts are always so long I don't know where to start commenting... to summarize: your grandma sounds awesome; mine used to make me clothes too (but kid clothes, unfortunately).
    Are you all filipina or something else too (just curious)?!

    And yup, agree with your comment. it's a bit weird posting pictures of yourself all the time, and I also try to diversify. Keep up with the colourful tours of California!

  9. Yes! I used to have a Green Mind t-shirt but a boy stole it. :/ I wish I still had it.

  10. I wannabe friends!!! :)
    Your shirt is great.
    I want to start sewing and designing course. Just for my needs.Maybe I will make similar shirt. ;) Can I still a dasign? ;)

  11. you've got the most perfect ankle length jeans! love the simplicity in this outfit!

  12. Great outfit, the blouse is certainly versatile and I love the little bird broach.

  13. Grilled cheese sandwich? Never heard of that!

    Love the blouse :)

  14. YUMMMMMM!!! Grilled cheese! My favorite meal in the entire world:) haha!

    You look fabulous in skinny jeans- I'm jealous! Some people just can't pull them off but you have the perfect figure for it. I love the hat too :)

    Thanks for your comments!!!

  15. This is everything a post should be! Food, fashion, fun, and ART! Also, love that shirt--it is perfectly cut.

  16. The thrifted hat is so cool, and you pull it off really well--I've always been a bit scared of wearing hats haha :/
    Of course I love the shirt too, your grandma is talented!

  17. your hat is perfection! loving all the photos.

    hope you'll check out my first giveaway at www.brianathismoment.com :)

  18. you are always so cute! i love your outfit!

    i hope you're having a great weekend!


  19. Gorgeous - I love all the little details. And yum mac and cheese sandwich? Looks delish! x


  20. Love love love the art. And you totally pull that hat off! I think if I wore that I would look like a complete fool, haha.

    I am craving mac 'n cheese right now. Ugh.

    And you just reminded me to paint my nails, so thank you!

  21. I absolutely love this post! and I totally have a blog crush on you, you have the nicest posts :)

  22. ok first off totes thought the hat was aa! nice find dvrling. secondly, take me with you to art shows and museums! gah im always talking about how i dont have enough friends who are into that stuff. i love art - its my absolute first love. i've neglected it :(


  23. omg i'm totally obsessed with that handmade white shirt and your hat!... not to mention all the photos of the artwork!!

    oh, and come join my GIVEAWAY :)

  24. great blouse! and that grill cheese does look good... i still haven't tried it, but i will soon :)


  25. Cool..awesome shirt and love the nails :)

  26. omg i love that entire outfit! and my grandma also makes some of my shirts, it's so cute! i really want a hat like that , looks fab!!

  27. love your hat and the color of your nail! :D

  28. Very good post - so much to look at. Love your outfit- your grandma is the best!

  29. oh my god! You are adorable!
    love love you blog. Thanks for commenting!

  30. It's so wonderful you've got a talented grandma to make you such beautiful clothes!! The top is just so clean and elegant, I love it.

    Macaroni and cheese sandwich... hummm intriguing....

    Chic on the Cheap

  31. This post just made me hungry :)

    Love your outfit as I always do :)

    Embracing Style

  32. Why are food trucks such amazing discoveries. When I went to south carolina they had a midnight cookie truck that would drive around..oohh my geez fresh baked cookies at 2 in the morning..perfection. I meant to say that I love your floppy hat. Food always gets me off track.



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