Confessions of a Thriftaholic: Pt. I

Details: gray flannel pants: thrifted (look at those pups on the pocket!), black peter pan collar blouse with sweetheart bust and sheer panels: thrifted, black Keds (new!) thrifted

So I'm trying my hand at writing legit fashion articles (a departure from my internet ramblings that I all too often fail to proof read!) mainly for a chance to be a contributing editor for Chictopia. In fact, if you have an account let's be friends: Say HEY! Let me know what you guys think ;-)
Hey everyone! Here goes post #1 for a shot to be a contributing editor for The Uglies!

It’s inevitable: you browse a few fashion blogs and come upon an outfit that just speaks to you. Great proportions, epic styling, but most importantly fantastic clothing. You become excited. “I wonder if I can still get that piece? I hope it’s not sold out….” and then BAM! You read “thrifted” next to the item description and it all goes south from there. Thoughts of self-loathing begin to creep into your mind regarding your own thrifting prowess, “I NEVER find good stuff! All the thrift stores nearby suck.! I’m not good at thrifting!”

If you’ve ever thought the above then take a deep breath, dry your eyes, and listen up (erm…read closely!) because I’m about to show you the ropes!


Go Often
If your idea of thrifting is heading down to The Salvation Army once a month and then being bummed when all they seem to have are size XL Winnie the Pooh t-shirts and stained wife beaters…well, that’s not really thrifting. Visiting a thrift store once in a blue moon will (generally) not be very profitable. The key is to go as often as possible! Thrift store get new stock in practically every day which means you could go to the same store on a Monday then pop in on Friday and be greeted with some new finds (Oh hey 60s shift dress…didn’t fancy seeing you ’round these parts!)

EXTRA CREDIT: Ask the staff when they generally put new merchandise on the floor. Having first dibs is crucial here. The reason you aren’t finding good stuff is probably because somebody got there before you did!

Location, Location, Location!
The location of some thrift stores really lend themselves to amazing merchandise. Specifically, a thrift store located near a population rife with grandmas and grandpas will yield insane pieces. I mean, just picture it: Grandma Pearl looks through a few old boxes in storage and finds a ton of beautiful 1950s style dresses (hello Mad Men!!) and thinks to herself, “Ohh those were the good old days! If only I could fit into these dresses again! Ah well, better donate them!” You bet your bottom dollar she’s going local with those finds and donating to whatever thrift store is around the corner.

EXTRA CREDIT: Ain’t no shame in asking older relatives if they have any old clothing they don’t want anymore! Sometimes all that’s stopping you from a silky 1940s blouse is a phone call to your great aunt Sally.

Dress Comfortably
Going thrifting really isn’t the time to wear your 6 inch ankle booties or anything you don’t want to sweat it. Many stores aren’t air conditioned so it can get pretty brutal during warmer months. I personally like to wear a dress that can easily slip on and off and a pair of comfortable flats. Also, some stores don’t have dressing rooms so you’ll have to make do with standing in font of a mirror and holding up pieces to see if if will fit. In these situations, the old “take a pair of pants and wrap the waist around your neck to see if the ends touch” really provides a (generally) accurate idea of if a pair of bottoms will fit around the waist. Lastly, if trying on shoes without socks grosses you out, don’t forget to keep a pair of ankle socks (or those little nylon throwaway socks some shoe places have) in your bag.

…Stay tuned for Part II

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  1. Holding my breath for part 2.

    I adore this post. I can't find the words to express how much I love it!

  2. Great post! I love that blouse so much, and love it all paired with the Keds too! :)

  3. love that blouse! sweetheart necklines are so flattering :)


  4. Lovely outfit and I really like your article!

    Added you to my bloglovin' so I can read the rest :)

  5. love taht shirt!! good outfit!


  6. the shoes.. i like! wweeee


  7. Love the trousers i want a pair just like that.
    new follower :)
    follow me at http://jaymieocallaghan.blogspot.com/

  8. ooh thanks for the tips, will try my hand a bit more at thrifting. Love the shoes by the way xx

  9. what a gorgeous top <3


  10. Thriftaholic ! cool !

    to me it doesn't matter where we get our outfits or much it cost or what label it came with

    its how we rock the outfit that matters

    you're really cool and i love thrift stores too
    i'll never know what i'll get but it makes me happy to get a good bargain :)

  11. i'm LOVING this post. thanks for sharing some insightful thrifting tips :) excited for more!


  12. this is way beyond interesting, confessions of a thriftaholic, great! i like your thrift finds! :D

  13. what a pretty top. and i love the detail on the grey pants! thanks for stopping by my blog! x
    thehypermanikin on etsy

  14. thank you for your lovely comment! and as a fellow thriftaholic I definitely appreciate this post :)

  15. Great post! I am in love with that blouse! Lovely outfit as always

  16. Our thrift stores are called Charity shops, so we get the added bonus of helping out a worthy course, but the same thing applies. We have about 6 of these shops where I live so there's a good mixture from all walks of life and I find some great items every now and then. I agree you have to go often and not be too disappointed if you don't find something on every visit. Great post, I've loved reading and can't wait for part 2.

  17. what a killer outfit! that blouse is to DIE for!

  18. Wow! I had no idea about the waist/neck dynamic! That is some truly original advice in my world! How can I find you on Chictopia? I only recently opened an account there and I find their website completely confusing.

  19. This is such a great post! :) Good tips. There is this one awesome thrift store by my house (five minutes away, oh yes!) and I need to stop by it more often. Every now and then I find an amazing something. :D

    And your shirt is way too awesome. I love the heart neckline and the sheer top of it! <3

  20. adore the outfit and what a great post! wonderful tips on thrifting. looking fwd to part II


  21. you are so pretty miss!


  22. amazing combination :)
    i like your blouse.


  23. amazing thrifted items~!!!really like the shirt and love the whole outfit~!it's just really simple yet chic!

    feel free to stop by


  24. Love that top! Amazing thrift find :)

  25. I am so obsessed with your blouse!

  26. That blouse is very pretty! I like it a lot! xoxo

  27. Your high waisted pants are amazing! Beautiful blouse too :)

  28. i love that top! im really into sheer items right now!


  29. Oh, and re: the car accident... I must be in a minority of people who was deliberately run over. This was years ago, when the Iraq war started, and I took to going to peace marches protesting this. On one of them, somebody with an alternate point of view decided to plough through the middle of the march. I remember suddenly surreally seeing this car come towards me, with about six people on the hood. Next thing I knew I was lying in the street and the guy who'd been next to me was a good twelve feet down the road. We were all really lucky; it wasn't going too fast and I escaped with some nasty banged up knees. But I always thought of the damage that could have been done if it had hit my grandmother (who also used to attend lots of those marches) rather than me.

    Eek, mammoth post!


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