Mid-State Fair and more

Beautiful Morro Rock at sunset
This sea lion was cruising around the marina, giving everyone the side eye (including me!)
GRANT In action

Saying goodbye to a day filled with adventuring. 
Finally! A new outfit ;-)
Lace detail
You can kind of tell that the tights i'm wearing are indeed navy blue
On our way to the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles
This guy wanted out!
Entering the midway

Outfit details: White long sleeve top with lace: thrift store, tan and plaid ruffled skirt: a hand me down from a friend's mom, navy blue tights: thrift store (they were unopened), brown boots: Target, tan cardigan: thrift store

The time has finally come to post the last of my vacation photos! The first group is from the end of our day in Big Sur. Before heading home for the night we drove down to Morro Bay to check things out and found the biggest sea lion swimming around the marina. It's kind of creepy how sea lions look like they are staring at you directly when they swim around!

The next day we woke up, poked around Cayucos for a bit (took a stroll around the pier, went in an antique store, ate ridiculously expensive brown butter and honey cookies, gobbled down smoked ahi fish tacos) then we went to San Luis Obispo to walk around downtown and peak inside a thrift store or two.  Once dusk was setting in we hopped into the car and took a very backwoods route to Paso Robles. Before going to the Mid State fair I had only ever been to the Orange County fair (going on right now!) and it's definitely a different scene up north. I thought it was a more authentic fair experience (it reminded me of the musical State Fair) but there were so many tweens running around in Rasta gear which was odd.  I also don't get why anyone would wear super high heels to a fair that has dirt and hay on the ground? In any case, we walked around and got on the Ferris wheel (which was going absurdly fast!) and became privy to the excited cheers of the fans from the Keith Urban concert going on in the fair amphitheater. 

After the fair, Grant thought it would be a good idea to take that backwoods route home and let's just say me being nervous was an understatement. I don't know why but I kept expecting us to turn a bend and see some weird satanic ritual going on off the side of the road OR that the truck driving in front of us would stop and whoever was in the car would try to steal us or something. ANYWAY we made it home and decided to go onto the very top deck at the house we were staying at to do a little star gazing underneath blankets and a sky littered with stars. Bright moon beams illuminating the beach, shooting stars, the waves crashing on the sand, and the cries of sea lions on the beach were some of the sights and sounds experienced that night.

All in all a great vacation was had! Can't wait to plan the next one =D


  1. you always have the BEST pictures. and you have the cutest clothes!! i adore your blog!


  2. state fairs are so much fun! i love the photo of you at the fair and your lace top :]

  3. You look so beautiful in these photos, and what a great outfit!

    I loved the carousel photos especially. <3

  4. Glad you guys had such a successful trip! I have a love/hate relationship with fairs! I love the thought of them, but it's always hit or miss when I actually go! And, I agree girls wear heels at the weirdest times haha!:)

  5. it sounds like you had so much fun ! i love these pictures :)

    thank you for your comment! and yes ugly casanova's "things i don't remember" was the inspiration for my blog title :} (sorry for the huuuge delay in responding - i know im horrible!)

    im following your blog! you are beautiful :) visit me again sooon!!


  6. Thank you for your comment!

    I love the picy of you an the Indian guay and the ones of the carousel. Great post!!!


  7. I like all your pics...they look so summer-like. And your outfit, especially the skirt...is adorable!

  8. great pictures :) i bet you had a great time in your holiday. i saw your post before this, and i amazed with hangin out in a river with a wooden chair :D have a great day :)

  9. these pictures are so awesome, i can't get over it!

  10. you are soooo pretty, I love your blog and your piccies! Thank you so much fo stopping by mine - really looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Lulu x

  11. Thanks for your comment.
    Love your blog and am now following.
    Great photos, I love funfairs, we don't have them that often here.

  12. i love these shots amazing blog babe.

  13. you are amazing!! all those shoots are amazing!!! <3


  14. looks like ye had an unforgettable trip anyway , just stumbled across your blog on bloglovin ( going to follow you there) , but love it already because the photography skills are beautiful ! Can't wait to see more !

    greetings from Ireland


    Fifi and Niamh - The WardrobeWars Girls

    hope you stop by some time.

  15. Great photos, I love your plaid skirt, so pretty!

  16. I LOVE Morro Bay - such a cute little town with so much to do and see :). The fair looks like so much fun too, makes me want to go to one!


  17. holla! loving the blog, beautiful pics :) such a great story about your holiday!

    am following take care

    much love kerry


  18. I love the pictures specially the sea ones


  19. Great post!
    Really love your images also, so much inspiration.
    Will be back for more, your posts are so cool i even
    went back to look at your older ones.

    Hope you can check out mine, i think you'd like it :)


  20. Great sceneries and photography! Lovin your skirt too!

  21. my heart skipped a beat when i saw that first photo. i'm from ohio but lived on the central coast last fall, and morro bay was one of my favorite spots. oh how i miss it!

    beautiful post!

    xo Alison

  22. Beautiful pictures as usual. Sounds like an idyllic vacation (except for the expensive cookies maybe). And lying on the roof watching shooting stars is a great way to end it!

  23. These pictures are beautiful! And your "fair" outfit is so much cuter than anything I could ever hope to wear to a carnival hahaah :) I always find that I get my clothes dirty doing whatever I do. I love those shoes! You are so chic, woman!


  24. wow
    you look so so pretty
    and those pictures are great,
    it seems you had a great time there,
    gorgeous places

    ♥ Marley

  25. Love the outfit! The lace detail is so cute! Great photos :]

  26. I'm so in love with your blog. Also, ang ganda ganda mo lang. :) And so stylish! Friends?



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