A Small Survey

I've been tagged by Bubblistyle to complete this little survey so here it goes...
blusher or bronzer - blush! I'm already pretty tan on my own so no bronzer for this gal.
lip gloss or lip stick - None really. A red lip if I'm feeling sassy ;)
 eye liner or mascara - eye liner, still working on perfecting that cat eye.
foudation or concealer - concealer thank you very much! My skin marks really easily so I feel like I am endlessly trying to cover up disaster areas on my face. Hrmph.
neutral or colour eye shadow - None. Although I did have a brief flirtation with sparkly purple eye shadow in middle school D:
pressed or loose eye shadow - None. I guess pressed, though.
brushes or sponges - Fingers.

opi or china glaze - I'm not really a naipolish purist, out of the two I've only tried OPI so I guess I pick that.
long or short - Very short! Long nails make me feel uncomfortable (even just looking at them on other people).
acrylic or natural - Barf @ acrylic
brights or darks - Don't matter, more often than not I don't wear nail polish.

perfume or body splash - Hmmm...tricky. My favorite scent is a roll on mix of essential oils called Egyptian Goddess (I know). But the new Chloe perfum and D&G L'Imperatrice (which is a very light, eau de toilette) are up there for me.
lotion or body butter - Aveeno body lotion or Nivea.
body wash or soap - Body wash, especially those that smell like brown sugar.
lush or other bath company - Lush is pretty good, can't deny. Their buffy bar will leave you with the softest skin ever. Not even a lie.

jeans or sweat pants - Jeans. Levi's. Skinny.
long sleeve or short - Short sleeve, although it doesn't really matter.
dresses or skirts - Dresses are the easiest way to look put together without thinking very much about what you're going to wear.
stripes or plaid - Can't choose. Won't choose.
flip flops or sandals - I guess sandals although I don't own any!
scarves or hats - I wear hats more than scarves although I have quite the scarf collection.
studs or dangly earrings - Chandeliers but I rarely wear earrings.
necklaces or bracelets - I have very thin wrists so bracelets slide ride off. I'd wear them more if I could find some in smaller sizes, I think they're an underrated accessory.
heels or flats - FLATS FOREVER. I've never been one to wear heels.
cowboy boots or riding boots - Riding boots I guess, ankle length is superior though. Or combat.
jacket or hoodie - Both serve their functions. Hoodies for not caring and jackets for when you do.

curly or straight - Wavey.
bun or ponytail - High bun on top of my head.
bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins, perfect for getting the milk maid braid down pat!
hair spray or gel- ugh at any hair products, I guess hair spray when it's really necessary.
long or short - Long but i'm getting the itch to cut my hair again :X
light or dark - Dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs - If you do full bangs, you can easily sweep them to the side--best of both worlds!
up or down - Both!

rain or shine - Shine, I'm from southern California after all!
summer or winter- Summer, although winter here can also feel summer like.
fall or spring - Fall! Every year I romanticize fall and hey, my birthday is technically in the fall (September 22!)
chocolate or vanilla- Chocolate, extra dark.

All photos by my talented (and insanely cute) boyfriend, Grant! Check out his BLOG for more ;)


  1. Love these photos! You are very beautiful!

    Embracing Style

  2. I have really small wrists too. You should look for antique bracelets... they seem to fit me the best.

  3. these pics of you are gorgeous, that first one is stunning!

  4. your boyfriend is a very talented photographer! love the ones you've chosen (:


  5. You are so stunning! Love this post!

  6. I have to say... as I was reading I agreed with just about everything! I do like a low-fuss approach to life. And isn't it annoying about the size of bracelets? They always fly off the second I raise my hand...

    We were actually dreaming of driving our beetle from Mexico to Vancouver last year, but everything was so chaotic at the end we just sold it and left. I think it would have been one uncomfortable journey anyway!

  7. very very cool photos. nice survey and i use concealer too, coz i think using foundation is way too much of a hassle. :D


  8. Great photos! I would like to have my own Grant. :)
    "This or that" - it is nice idea. I will "steal" and try it with my polish blog friends. :) May I? :)

  9. I loved reading your answers-- a lot of ours were the same! :)

  10. Beautiful photos! And I too fell victim to the middle school sparkly eyeshadow syndrome haha! Glad we both survived! ;)

  11. Love the pictures you posted!

  12. awesome pics, I like the 2nd one. and I'm in love with skinny jeans right now too :D

  13. Awesome photos! Your boyfriend is indeed extremely talented!

  14. cuuuute! i love the pictures! and the survey is so much fun!


  15. These photographs are so good. I love your natural, laid-back style

  16. Oooh I could stare at your gorgeous face ALL DAY!! :)

    I love these photos!

    And this survey was so fun. I enjoyed learning more about you.

  17. Interesting post! you are so pretty

  18. OMFG, yeh, he /is/ cute! What a beautiful couple!

  19. love the photos!! I live near mission viejo,
    are we neighbors?! ^,^

  20. im in love with these pics. how lucky you are! :D


  21. Hmmm, I know you just did this survey, but I tagged you in another one. It's smaller though, and you can talk about whatever you want... more over at the blog!

  22. you are so pretty! such beautiful pictures :)


  23. Oh wow, gorgeous photos, your boyfriend is quite talented. You look amazing in the photos too.

  24. First two photos are great! Like what your wearing in the second one! xx

  25. love love LOVE that shirt! amazing! :)

    love, polly

  26. your bf is quite the photog. lucky you ;)

  27. You are gooooooooorgeous! Ha, I remember wearing blue sparkly eye shadow in elementary school. Oh man... And it so true about dresses being the easiest thing to wear to look put together! That's why I love 'em. I'm terrible at picking out clothes to wear.. ah.


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