Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Outfit details: green dress: thrifted, brown tasseled shoes: thrifted, crystal pendant: 2.99 at a gift shop near San Juan Capistrano (I just found an old chain to string it on)

The best part about this dress is that there is varying lengths of elastic in the sleeves which means I can technically also make the arms short sleeve by tucking the fabric under the elastic! I was drawn to the floaty material of the dress as well as the color, I think this is the only kelly green piece of clothing I own. It's a nice dress for a hot summer day! I also want to find a longer length of chain (maybe a tarnished silver?) to string that crystal on to.

Outfit details: tan cardigan: thrifted, men's blue striped sleep shirt: Thank You Mart, brown shorts: remnants from my middle school wardrobe (shocking that I can still fit into some things...), Vintage Dooney Burke bag: Ebay, brown boots: Target

A very old outfit photo I forgot about! I think Grant and I were going to go get paninis for dinner at a place in Corona Del Mar. Actually, that IS where we went! We went to Panini Cafe (so original) and ordered the best salmon panini ever! I think about it still AND they had such good chocolate cake! I find at a lot of places the chocolate cake is really nothing to write home about (dry, tasteless, etc) but not here. It was dense, the frosting was more like a ganache, and not overly, sickeningly sweet. It also came with a pile of berries and fresh whipped cream on the side! So.good.

I also don't know why I'm smirking so hard in that photo?


  1. You look wonderful! :)
    That quartz necklace is my favorite. Hope you're having a great day. :)

  2. pretty dress! and I love your shoes! :)

  3. I love the print and colour of your dress, great thrift finds.

  4. lovely outfits!! i adore the green dress <3 and i love the bag and shoes on the 2nd outfit :)

  5. the first outfit is gorgeus!!!

  6. that dress is so pretty, it looks great on you.

  7. You're smirking 'cos you look smoking, clearly! I'm also a fan of the green dress.

    And yeah, I'm always envious of people who are an interesting mix of things. I've got the British Isles well represented in my bloodstream and not much else, boring. I'm going to try and diversify the next generation. ; )

  8. CUTE shoes! They're so you! Love it :)

    love, polly :D

  9. Luuuurrrv that dress! And you're smirking because your boots are so rad! :)

  10. I love both your outfits. As you know, I have a thing for green :)

    Embracing Style

  11. love your cardigan and those shorts (this is why I keep stuff I wore in highschool).
    By the way, just launched the Polyvore contest on my blog, I'd love it if you checked it out and maybe you will win a $1000.

  12. You are so pretty! I love the outfits especially the dress. Which one do you like more from our outfits posted?

  13. Ahh, love the green dress! The whole outfit is perfect!!!!

  14. i love that green dress! and yes, i love the way it floats. cute buy on the necklace as well!

  15. the brown sheos reminded me what my dad usually wears when he goes to work..hehe
    the dress on the 1st pic has awesome print. lovely.


  16. in the fisrt outfit i love your shoes, and the second outfit love the boots and bag.
    wow,you look stunning :)

    btw,thank you for the comment,feel free for follow and link.sure i'll do same

  17. Ooh pretty dress! My boyfriend's sister would loooooooooooooooooooove that crystal.

    I want a panini now. Mmmmmmm.

    And yes if you sell that other dress I want it!!! hahahah.

  18. lovelovelove your crystal necklace!

  19. AAHH I love everything you are wearing. Its all awesome and late summery and perfectly vintage without looking like a costume. LOVE IT. PS your pics are amazing too.
    ps smirking in photos is like breathing to fashion bloggers. juuuust kidding. but not at all.

  20. I want to own that first pair of shoes, they are adorable!



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