Too frumpy for the teenage population of her kind

Details: Black racerback tank: Old Navy, sequined shrug: thrift store, it's a modified sequined butterfly blouse, fancy sweatpant trouser: my mom's closet

I hardly ever wear black but once in a while it doesn't hurt! I'd have to say  my favorite part of this outfit are the pants! My mom is a lot short than I am so on her, these pants go past her ankles but on me they are the perfect ankle baring length! I have no idea what they are made out of but they are extremely comfortable and durable and have an elastic waist (!!!). The shrug is from a costume party a few years ago where I went as Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was a butterfly blouse and although it was tempting to keep it intact, I actually already have another butterfly blouse in silver and black so I figured cutting one up wasn't so bad.

Hey does anyone have an 8track account? I just made one and I am so obsessed. I love mixes! I'm known for making mixes for friends so this site is just perfect. Add me if you have an account! My username is MILKTEETHS

I posted a mix titled "Stay Gold" (not inspired by the new Emerica video, by the by) and I've always thought it would be the perfect collection of songs to listen to on a long sunset drive where the scenery is bathed in golden light and the world's passing by in slow motion. Conversely, it would also be a good mix to listen to on a quiet night with the full moon out and the sound of a distant train whistle echoing in the background (pure poetry, eh eh?). Listen to it HERE

Track listings:
Sleep Walk-- Santo & Johnny
High School Lovers-- Air
Avril 14th-- Aphex Twin
Asleep-- The Smiths
Girl-- Beatles
Twilight-- Elliott Smith
Where Do You Run To-- Vivian Girls
The Golden Age-- Beck
I'm Only Sleeping-- Beatles
Rollercoaster Ride-- Belle and Sebastian
Wild Horses-- Rolling Stone
4th of July-- Azure Ray
Lover's Spit-- Broken Social Scene
Turn Into-- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Perfect Day-- Lou Reed
Harvest Moon-- Neil Young

Anyone going to any good shows soon? Grant and I are seeing Belle and Sebastian in October and I just found out Interpol is playing in Pomona also in October! The cherry on top would be if the White Stripes played a show locally! Here's to hoping!


  1. Why don't you hardly wear black? Looks great on you! The shrug is gorgeous.

    Embracing Style

  2. I like black very much. I guess that most people from CA, don't like this color.
    Sequined on clothes are great. Look on my dress: http://img5.imageshack.us/f/p2130178.jpg/

  3. Wow I love this outfit!!! You look awesome!
    As for 8track, nope, no account for me XD Sounds fun though!

  4. I love the sequin shrug.

  5. Black looks great on you. This look reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face!

  6. i love these shoots too much <3 you look like super awesome, that skirt and the shrug is super cool :)


  7. I tend to avoid black myself, at least in the summer, but you look damn cool.
    And I love your mix (well, the songs I know; I'm off to listen to it now. I guess it could suit a muggy Mexican morning on the laptop).

  8. This little black sequins jacket is very cute! Love it!

  9. twilight by elliot smith is such a lovely song. it's always on one of my playlists. i just got an 8track account as well. i've only made one mix so far.

    cute outfit! i love shrugs. i have way too many.

  10. I don't wear much black either, but it looks good on you! I had no idea from the first couple shots that your pants were fancy sweatpants! So awesome! :)

  11. i'm going to see belle and sebastian in decmeber too! i am SO excited!

  12. That sounds like an awesome mix tape. If you ever wanna make a real one and send it to someone, I'm down! Haha. You look awesome in black, girl.

  13. You look so posh; I just love your style.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog; I'll be sure to be back here to read more =)

  14. Wow! Sweet sequin details and I love how comfy looking those pants are! :)

    Lovely blog!!
    Erin :)

  15. black's great on you! really love the sequins.

    i'm going to see tokyo police club and the black keys this fall. jealous of interpol! hopefully they'll make their way up here.

  16. That black looks so great on you. Plus you listen to good music, yaay

  17. hey i've tagged you over at my blog :)

  18. Pretty shrug and i love Asleep by the Smiths!! xxxxx

  19. I would just love to go to Thrift Stores with you, you find such beautiful pieces!

  20. love your shrug and pants!! :)

  21. hey lovely - I just added your link to my blog :) loving your sequin jacket! x


  22. Stunning little jacket!


  23. School begins on 1st September in Poland. I'm a teacher. I must go back to work two days before that date. ;/
    But in this yera I have planed three weeks of unpaid leave and I will visti Cote d Azur. So my trip will start on friday - early in the morning. Very early... :)
    I'm very glad that You remember about me :)
    I hope that my english is not so bad and You understand what I'm saying.

  24. wow! you're such a pretty girl! :))))
    shrug is awesome <3



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