Forget About It

Outfit details: Green blouse: thrifted, name plate necklace: Disneyland,  cream accordion pleat skirt: BUY IT FROM ME HERE, brown tasseled loafers: thrift store,  brown belt: thrift store

Isn't that skirt dreamy? If it doesn't sell within a week or two i'll probably end up keeping it. The length is perfect and pleats are so crisp...it's just a tad too big which is why I have to wear a belt with it.  Same goes for the shoes, I might sell those. I'm too lazy to break them in (they were practically new when I found them at the thrift store) so they kind of pinch my toes.

I was thinking about it, and I would 100% spend way more on a nice dinner or food in general than on clothing. I'm so used to buying things second hand that I even balk at Target prices (which are relatively cheap, I know). I like going inside stores just to see what's up but I rarely if ever buy anything from say Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. Urban Outfitters is just rehashed thrift store stuff anyway. If you've noticed, I wear black drug store slip ons in a lot of my photos since I like them and they're like $5. I strolled into a UO and saw they were selling practically the same slip on for $18. Um, excuse me?!?! And the sick thing is is that people are for sure buying them at this price! As for Forever 21, I do like their accessories and will usually buy a thing or two once in a while but clothing that cheap and so blatantly ripped off from other designers sends red flags up in my mind. I always wonder why the clothing is so cheap. Doesn't help that F21 stuff practically disintegrates when you wash it like four times.

For me, I really enjoy the hunt of looking through thrift stores. It makes it all the more special when you find something so great. I also have a weird phobia of matching with people so shopping at thrift stores makes it really unlikely that someone would wear the same outfit as you someplace.  Also, the quality is usually way better! I can't stress that enough.

Anyone else feel the same way?


  1. Yes. I do. I can't do F21. I just can't. The blatant ripoffs just send me into outerspace.

    And I think the same thing about UO!!! FINALLY someone else out here agrees!! It's like screaming into the blackhole!! Hipsters aren't supposed to be followers!! They're supposed to roll in dirt and thrift - not buy 170000 of the same fedora at UO.

    Okay I'm done now.

    Keep the skirt.


  2. your outfit is so cute!
    love the skirt in particular something very marilyn monroe about it :)

  3. I wish there was enough second hand shops around here for me to only shop there but unfortunately in england they're just not as popular. I agree though that it feels more worth it to dig out a gem! That skirt is great on you, especially with the chunky belt and I'm dying over how perfect those shoes are.

  4. absolutely love this outfit. especially the shoes!

  5. Gorgeous!! :D :D
    I'm the same way, I'm SOOO cheap, but I don't even go to thrift stores, thats just because there arent many around here though

  6. When I was in the UK, I used to love UO, but I swear it was a different store with better quality and really drool-worthy stuff. In North America I hate that place; everything's practically see-through and super-short and just crappy. Old stuff is generally way better quality, and if there were thrift stores around I would be in them!

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  7. lovelovelove those shoes!!
    you're the spitting image of classic fashion. Love it!

    Amazing top.

    You're so right about f21..I've been restraining myself lately!

  8. I love the colors in this outfit so much! I pretty much won't buy anything (except for jeans) that costs more than $15, so thrift stores and sale racks are the the place for me haha! I do like F21 accessories too though, since I don't mind the poor quality if it's under five bucks!;)

  9. This outfit is so lovely and you are so classy in it. :) I adore that skirt because it really looks like it flows on you. And those shoes are adorable!

  10. beautiful outfit! i specially like that shoes!

  11. you are just so gorgeous! i love this outfit

  12. Haha, I'm the same about choosing to buy/eat good food over clothes. Any day! I don't actually buy clothes very often at all.

    That skirt looks lovely on you, but I understand why you're selling it - I have a similar pleated skirt which is just a bit too big, meaning it sits a bit too low on my waistline. Really frustrating.

  13. Oh I agree-- I love thrifting. As for UO, they are way overpriced. Although one of my favorite purchases ever was from UO-- a purse on sale that I've worn over a year now and swear I'll never be sick of it because I love it so. & I agree with F21. The clothes ruin after only a few washes. Dislike. xx

  14. so elegant and classic... :)

    UO is certainly very expensive so i don't normally shop there anyway.
    but i used to/kinda sorta still do like forever 21. but then when i really think about it, every thing i've bought there has fallen apart and gotten icky relatively fast. :(

    xx E
    P.S. unfortunately i haven't been thrifting in FOREVER! i feel deprived. hehe

  15. Yes, I very rarely spend more than $10 on any clothing.. I'm more of an eBay hunter, though. Those colors look so beautifuuuuuuul with your coloring!

  16. you look awesome and that skirts is just gorgeous <3


  17. the skirt looks lovely on you, and i adore your shoes!

    I'm a terrible vintage shopper... I get really overwhelmed by shops with a lot on the racks and don't know what to do, so I tend to just look out for something that is striking which works.. 0% of the time! hah


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  19. We love thrift stores too <3 Always something to catch your eye! Thank you so much for your comment dear:) Following your blog! Stay in touch xoxo

    Laura @Lola Paige

  20. you are so lovely!! and i love your blog. and your clothes. so much i think i may follow. yup! so excited!

  21. Very nana chic ;)
    I like it.
    But yes - some stores are very expensive for what they are selling. Generally I try to buy things on sale, and I find it hard spending over $20 most times. Unless they use proper materials (I always check the tag).
    I have a problem with Australian op-shops though too. They are incredibly overpriced. I mean, they get the stuff for free, and you think they would be happy moving stock, but instead they move on to a bigger premises which is more rent, and they keep charging more for clothes. If clothes were $3 a bag like they used to be I might bother. But when I can buy new for the same price I won't.

  22. You are amazing with your thrift purchases. One of these days you should have a tutorial or video of you thrifting : ) I always feel so lost, or fail to notice the potential.


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