Good day sunshine

Probably the sassiest face you'll ever see me make on this blog ;)
So I never take outfit photos after the sun sets since natural lighting is always best BUT I wanted to get a photo of what the dress I'm wearing looks like. Solution: use a flash (to my chagrin). This also reminds me how messy my closet area is getting D:
I really like the ruched sleeves
At La Cave on a weird night
My gals, Natalie and Emily. I'm more at ease making faces like this one by far.
Pumpkin heads?
Outfit details: the perfect late 50s Mad Men dress: THRIFTED (can you believe it? I paid $7 for it at the Salvation Army. No alterations whatsoever), shoes: Target

On Thursday Emily, Natalie, and I went out for my birthday and Natalie enforced a dress code that stated we dress up for the night. I figured if I was ordered to dress up, coupled with the fact that I was the birthday girl that night, it meant that I might as well go all out.  Hair was teased and pinned up, meow eyes were in full effect, and I might have added a touch of lipstick to complete said dressed up look. I wish I snapped a full photo of all of us when we were dressed up but alas! I will say that Natalie and Emily looked just as good if not better than I did ;)

Anyway I requested we eat down home food so went off to Memphis in Costa Mesa and got our grub on. Cornbread, fried chicken, meat loaf, mashed potatoes...you get the picture. Twas delicious. Afterward we headed down to La Cave which is technically a steak house but it also doubles as a music venue/bar.  Barring the fact that the place shares a parking lot with a Blockbuster and 7-11, it was interesting. We went on a night that wasn't really our scene (i.e. metal night) but I'd probably go back on a mellower night to check things out!

The next day
Finally a summer beach day in Laguna Beach (no marine layer!)
star guy
At the beach where we went there is a remnant of an old swimming pool right on the beach (which is what I'm standing in)
A turret! Another reason why this beach is so cool

Then on Friday Grant and I high tailed it to Laguna Beach since it promised to be an excellent day at the beach. I will say that it was pretty hot but the water was too cold for me to get in. I really can't with cold water. It has to be in the high 60s for me to even think about getting in. I also can't swim so when I mean get in I mean stand waist deep in water, preferably water that has zero waves.


  1. I wish I could just escape to the beach although if I did that here I'd probably catch pneumonia! That dress is such a great find, definitely feeling the mad men vibe and the ruched sleeves are a wonderful touch.

  2. i think with the eye make up and the dress , u look so classic and pretty in that dress ( and of course the dress itself is already a winner )

    i love to chill at the beach , glad u had a great time

  3. How fun!! I love that dress, amazing that it was only $7!! :D
    (and Happy Late Birthday!)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful bday! Love the dress!!!

  5. You look beautiful in your dress and awesome in your bikini!

    Embracing Style

  6. i love how you do your eyeliner! and that beach looks amazing


  7. Gorgeous dress.
    The beach looks beautiful, it's really foggy and rainy here at the mo.

  8. NO YOU DID NOT! 7 dollah thrift dress?!!! It. Is. Amazing. I just found your blog recently thru the rabbit hole and am glad I did. Fabulous clothing AND Laguna Beach? Only my favorite place ever, and The Hubs and I are going to be there in just a few weeks. Cannot WAIT. Can I ask which beach this is?

    Have a great day!

  9. Looks like two fun days! I love your outfit and all of the photos, haha I totally cracked up at the one where you're making a face.

    I HATE cold water too. High 60s? At LEAST! That looks like such an awesome beach though!

  10. I can't even imagine being at the beach right now! I'm in full fall mode now

  11. Damnnn that dress is amazing! I adore your cat-eye makeup, and I wish I were swimming in the sea rn.


  12. that dress is so pretty! also that beach is incredible :O

  13. More birthday week huh! I love your crazy face! And I love swimming pools that are next to the sea too... the best of both worlds.

  14. darling dress; that caramel is such a great color.
    fun beach!

    xx elanor

  15. first of all, your vintage dress is amazing. the color, the cut, its so perfect for you. also, your makeup...WOW! so glam. getting dressed up to go out with the girls is my favorite activity.
    also, that beach is really awesome!a turret and a swimming pool!?

  16. That looks like a fun beach! I'm kind of happy that it's still 90 degrees here so I can go to the beach, and on the the boat!

  17. I love that beautiful dress! I'm a bit fan of the ruched sleeves too!

  18. A southern California girl who can't swim? Blasphemy! Haha just joking! Your going out look is amazing, as is your silly face in the group shot! ;) It's finally sunny (actually way flippin' hot!) up here in Santa Cruz too!

  19. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, crazy busy etc etc. Keen to link up, I'll do it now. I'm about to move somewhere warmer, and your beach photos reminded me how rad it will be! x

  20. Gahhh you are so beautiful in these photos!! And I love your sassy look. Lol.

    I really love the photos of the beach too. How breathtaking. But I'm not gonna lie. Those photos of you look hawwwt in your bikini are making me glad fall is upon us in Missouri right now. This bod is no longer bikini ready, I'm afraid. Hehehe! :P

    I hope you're having an awesome week so far! xo

  21. I LOVE THAT DRESS! what an awesome find!

    and i seriously need to check out laguna beach.

  22. Laguna Beach - it's sound so nice... :)
    There is already autumn in Poland. You don't wanna know what this means - rain, wind, cold ;///
    I miss summer so much!

  23. CUTE pictures!!!!


  24. Oh wow that dress is such a steal and it fits you perfectly!

  25. Today is my first visit to your blog... so your sassy face was my first impression of you! Well, the sassy face AND that fantastic dress.

    Nice to "meet" you!

  26. I abbbsolutely adore your hair in the first few photos. Also that photo of the starfish.

  27. I love the pattern on the dress. I think it's the length that really gives it that Mad Men feel to it. Love how you did your eye makeup too, def gives you that extra little "dressed up" look. Happy belated Birthday!!

    The beach is so gorgeous, eee!

  28. the sassiest face, indeed! love your make up! :)


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