Jekyll and Hyde

Outfit details: blue and red striped shirt: thrift store, black jeggings: Target, black wannabe Doc Martens: thrift store, white cat eyes: F21

Outfit details: white peter pan collar blouse: made by my grandma, black skirt with white polka dots: thrift store, pink sash used as a bow: from a dress that I thrifted, black slip ons: Rite Aid

I know I post a lot of feminine outfits but that's only what I wear half of the time. The other half is spent dressing kind of boyish and grungey. For example my closet is filled with faded Levi's skinny jeans, size XL soft vintage t shirts, oversized grandpa cardigans, flannels, beat up high top converse and a variety of other sneakers etc. etc.  I think I also dress more boyishly during fall and winter since 1. the weather gets cold and its just easier to put on a pair of pants and a cardigan and call it a day, 2. Uhh, I don't really have a second reason other than it just feels right? So there you have it, a side of how I dress that the blogosphere doesn't really get to see.

Moving on...
Maraschino red nail polish

Two lambs!!! :D
The sun sets over suburbia
Just call me Ashley no face D:

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Off to go finish a red velvet mini bundt cake from this morning.


  1. You thrifted that shirt?! I love it! My internet connection is being crazy, the bloglovin' page won't load :( I'll follow you as soon as it gets back to normal! :)

  2. I love both these looks but the top on the second one just won my heart. Your style is great either way.

  3. why is it black 'wannabe' Doc Martens? aren't those Doc martens?haha

  4. both of your looks are great! I specially love the skirt and the peter pan colar blouse with the cute sash as a bow, just lovely!

  5. I'm digging both your looks! That skirt in the 2nd one is awesome! Your two lambs are adorable :) Have a great day!


  6. Oooh! I love both looks!! :D :D And I'm the same way...sometimes I dress girly, other times not :D
    Love the nail color too

  7. hay miss no-face.. that first outfit is great.. i love how you grunge up your classic beautiful looks..stella contrast! x

  8. Red velvet mini bundt cake? I want it, give it to me!!

    I know what you mean about having two distinct aspects to your style. Sometimes I feel like I could subdivide my whole wardrobe into 8 different mini wardrobes for completely different girls.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  9. I love your hair-whipping action shot! :) I also love your first outfit; that's pretty darn close to my style too! I tend to dress reaaaal boyish/beach-bum-like or just hippy-ish haha!

  10. i love your polka dotted skirt!! it's sooooo cute! very fun pictures!


  11. i like your skirt and your nail polish

  12. Two AMAZING outfits! I'm so envious of your great thrifted finds!


  13. love the boots in ur first pic, i bought boots similar to those recently they are awesome!!

  14. I love the first look! :)

  15. Love your looks, I love the jeggings with the 'doc martens'. wanna link? I'm going to add yours right now

  16. oh love your boots!! yes, it does look like a Doc Martens, very nice! and your polka skirt in that length, is so refreshing. you look great! :)

  17. loving the "boyish" look!! you rock it

  18. i luuurve that skirt!!
    and the boyish look totally rocks too! :)


  19. Your boots in the first photo are amazing :o looks very cool :D hehe, and so is the last photo too!

  20. lovely photos, love the sunnies in the first pic! thanks for stopping by & your comment :)


  21. Hey again! You look great in both feminine and masculine clothes. Whenever I've seen your posts, I've always been quite jealous of how well you do simplicity (something that I really struggle with, haha). You always look really sophisticated and put together! I'm going to link you on our blog :)

  22. I do a mix of feminine and masculine dressing all the time. Jeans and trousers are just easier to enter and exit cars! And with the kind of windy days we have dresses are sorta dangerous!

  23. Love the sheep again! And your skirt! SO PRETTY.


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