Las Brisas

Beautiful Laguna Beach
My height is an optical illusion

Some of my best gal pals from high school are back in town for a while and I couldn't be more thrilled! We had a late lunch at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach the other day. Real talk: the food is pretty meh and overpriced ($11 for chips, salsa, and guacamole?!?!?!!!!) BUT the view from the patio makes up for it and of course seeing them didn't hurt either ;)

On an unrelated note, I read an article on Jezabel the other day about "Marthettes" who are basically bloggers who lead seemingly picture perfect lives (beautiful clothes, beautiful friends, beautiful everything!) as seen through the carefully photographed and edited pictures they post on their blogs.  The effect of these blogs? Apparently, according to the author, they are prime fodder for making readers feel seriously inadequate in comparison.

I personally like fashion blogs that have a combination of pretty pictures (who wants to look at ugly, darkly lit, or blurry photos?) and a casual writing style.  Flowery words and overexposed/faded looking photographs are just too much for me, sorry to say.  Too twee, not enough wit!

As for my blog, of course I only post the nicest pictures I have taken but they're definitely not perfect. I don't own a DSLR camera and frankly, I don't want one. It seems like there is an unspoken rule that in order for your blog to become popular you need one of those cameras or a boyfriend who owns one of those cameras to take photos of you! No thank you. I make do with my point and shoot and a tripod and hope for the best. If the photos turn out too dark i'll play with the colors and exposure to make the photos lighter and warmer so I can actually use them.  I don't have the time or the patience to think too much about where I am taking my pictures and I don't think I would ever drive somewhere for the express purpose of just taking photos, it's just not for me.  More power to the fashion bloggers that have the patience and the stamina to keep up with their super blogging skills, I solute you.



  1. I get how you feel - sometimes when I'm messing around with my tripod and pocket-sized camera I'm just like, ughhh if only I had a hot photographer BF! What I look for in a personal style blog that I read regularly/enjoy a lot is the kind where I feel like through a combination of pictures and words I get a real sense of who the girl really is.

    For instance, from this post, I can tell that you are verrry tall and pretty funny. ;)

  2. Sounds like you had fun with the girls! I miss my girls.. and they are all over the place going to school, so it's hard to get with them except for holidays.. boo.

    Annnnnd I must say, I looooove your outfit!!

  3. Girl, you share my sentiments exactly! I also do not own a fancy camera. I make due with what I have. I blog because I like do it. If something was every to come out of it then that would just been an added bounus. ; )
    Gorgeous view, btw!

  4. Looks you had great fun on that day.

  5. I totally agree! I use a point and shoot and recruit my mom to take my pictures! Pretty pictures are nice to look at, but we can't all have professional style photo shoots! Also, $11 for chips and guac? seriously!? :O

  6. I love these pictures. I really thought you were using a SLR, because they look that good. I agree about portraying a perfect existence. If it seems to fake for me, then I am less interested.

    On another note, I love your outfit which is no surprise since I love all of your outfits. I am a huge fan of green so naturally I love that dress!

    Embracing Style

  7. I completely agree with you about blogging! I don't own a DSLR either and, quite frankly, I like my blog to have a laid-back, friendly nature. My favourites (such as What Katie Wore and Kingdom of Style) might have better photography but they still maintain the casual, chatty tone which keeps it down to earth.


  8. Gosh that article was really annoying. Personally, I think blogs that are fresh, creative and positive are great. I'm sure you're right that those bloggers work very hard to maintain that quality on their blog. Just shows you can't please everyone :P

    Who wants to hear someone whining about their life all the time? I get much more inspired by those who are grateful for their blessings and want to share their talents with the world :)

    Fun girls day out! Your friends are pretty stylish too!

    Bea from A plus B

  9. Looks like fun and the sea looks beautiful. Lovely dress btw.

  10. it looks so lovely there! and i like blogs with the occasional bit of poetry in it, but i make sure that not all of them are like that. it gets a bit tiring to read after a while!


  11. LB has got some really beautiful views! That article seems very interesting, I'm totes going to read it like right now!

  12. I find you can do most things with a dinky camera (and your blog is cetainly testament to this too). I always laugh when I get comments about how nice my camera must be because in reality it cost $89...

    I don't mind beautiful blogs, though I prefer if the girl has some personality and seems intelligent. I feel that actually, a lot of these girls have potentially boring lives (living in small towns, working all day) and kind of give them kudos for transforming their reality into something desirable! Oh, and while I'd never drive somewhere just to take pictures, I like how the blog motivates me to get out into the neighbourhood and capture it a bit.

  13. Wow these photos are gorgeous! Just looking at that first photo (stunning!) makes me feel like I can actually SMELL the beach. It really brings back a lot of vivid memories of my childhood (I grew up in Clearwater, FL). :)

    I'm glad you had an amazing time with your beautiful friends.

  14. beautiful photos! I really like a photo taken in good light, so you can see all the details.


  15. I agree.. I like blogs where I can follow what they're saying! Like yours, for example. I love your blog. :) And pretty pictures. <33

  16. I am in love with the photos! This looks so fun :D
    And I agree, everything about a blog doesn't have to be perfect, as long as the person has their own voice and sense of style that people want to see/read about :D

  17. I didn't think about my title being from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, but it is one of my all time favorite movies ( and soundtracks! )!

  18. In my Annie Spandex post, "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues," you can see the crappy camera I use. haa
    It's got 5 mega pixel and that's good enough for me!

  19. I don't have a fancy camera either. I'm just making my lil Nikon work! Love all your pics!

    Following you!

    Hugs ,

  20. You look adorable! And the views ARE magnificent.
    As for the girl blogger thing, I read over the article...it seems that each of the bloggers she mentions has one thing - either the perfect wardrobe/glamorous life or crafty/decorating, etc...I think magazines are far, far worse.

  21. I guess you were paying for the view rather than for the food...but it was worth it, that is some gorgeous scenery!

  22. Yes, the cinnamon roll was siiiinful!
    CUTE pics!

  23. GAAAHHHH your pictures are amazing! :)

  24. such a beautiful spot! i love the 5th picture. the silhouette really seems to frame the ocean too. gorgeous!
    i just found your blog, and i'm now following :)

    if you get the chance, check out my blog too


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