Meet me at the cemetery gates

a raccoon friend

apple pie with cinnamon ice cream

an old cemetery in Julian



 The next day!

Mimi's Cafe has never done me dirty

At the used book store

naturally i'd be wearing a tiara during the course of the day!

 Outfit details: dress: thrift store,  polka dot tights; F21, navy blue Ferragamos: thrifted (one of my first finds, ever!), Dooney & Bourke bag: Ebay

A few more photos from mine and Grant's trip to Julian. We got a delicious slice of apple pie (you kind of have to if you're in Julian, no ifs ands or buts!) and I opted for cinnamon ice cream a la mode. So. Good. 

Then we explored the tiny town for a bit and ended up at the cemetery. It was old and creepy, just the way I like them. New cemeteries creep me out even more, though.
The next day was my birthday (thanks for all the lovely comments! It was a nice day) and I kept it pretty low key since I was expecting to go out on the next coming days to celebrate my birthday. I basically got a week of birthday fun and now its back to reality. Expect some awesome pictures in posts to come!

annnnddd I keep on updating that Etsy store of mine, so please take a peek! It's linked on the right hand side of this blog :)


  1. Aw, you're adorable! Love the braids + dress + polka dot tights. Your photos make me miss home/america :P

  2. i adore how you did your hair.
    yummy food!

  3. Ah, that pie looks so good! Apple pie is my fav!!!

  4. I adore both of your outfits, especially the first one. And love the shots of you and your sweetie. You two are ADORABLE together!!

    And um, not gonna lie, that shot of the discarded baby doll at the cemetary is kinda disturbing. Lol. ;)

  5. mmmm that cinnamon ice cream look soooo good. and it looks like you had tons of fun! those polka dotted tights are so amazing!! cuuuuute!


  6. Hehee, I love your Tiara! <3 You look so cute in both your outfits, the picture with you at the bookstore is just precious, your dress fits the theme perfectly!

    && that doll is supa creepy. D8 !!!

  7. super nice outfits and shots except for the creepy dolls <3


  8. Love the photos, and I must say, you two look too great together! <3 My grandparents are taking a trip up to Julian today actually. I've never had much interest in going, but I think you've changed my mind about that. :)

  9. By the way, I'm now following. I just can't get enough of you! :)

  10. It would be great to be twenty something again...
    Your weekend was great!!! :)

  11. Ok, so that baby doll picture is reaaaalll creeepy! No bueno! The apple pie and cinnamon ice cream look good enough to erase my heeby-jeebies though, so it's all good! ;) Your tiara is pure birthday awesomeness too! :)

  12. Apple pie and cinnamon ice cream?! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm drooling. I am trying my hardest to get my boyfriend to take me apple picking this weekend... he said we will tomorrow. I HOPE he means it, hahahaha. Then I will make apple pie and apple crisp, mmm! Annnnnd I will have to go to the grocery store and cross my fingers that they have cinnamon ice cream. Mmm!

    The photos of the cemetery are really cool, my boyfriend lives out in the country and there is a cemetery by his house that is a few hundred years old. There are only a few gravestones but it's really neat to go out there.

    I am craving hashbrowns right now, with tons of ketchup and pepper. Mmmm.

  13. apple pie with cinnamon ice cream!!!
    sounds and looks so delicious! <3


  14. Birthday week is the only way to do birthdays! That cinnamon ice cream looks beyond delicious! Hey, and I'm looking forward to your take on safari!

  15. these places looks so interesting,your so lucky

  16. You are so beautiful, woman! You look amazing as ever. Great apple-picking outfit (and why the hell should you not wear a dress to apple-pick?) x

  17. It's so bizarre, but I always love people's photo round ups of thier trips or weekends. I like seeing the little things. Um, like this apple pie ala mode. Yum. I just finished dinner and I'm so full I couldn't eat another morsel, but even still you have me drooling over this! It looks like the perfect pre-birthday celebratory dessert.

  18. so basically...I love your blog. You had me at "cinnamon ice cream"



  19. Let me just start off- that Apple Pie and Cinnamon Ice Cream looks amazzzzzing, and now i'm in dying need of some type of sweet!

    Second-yes, that doll, next to the grave, is creepy!

    And third- you are just so gorgeous!

    (and I love your tiara!)

  20. All your outfits are once again so sweet, you look lovely! Great photos too :D
    Love the title of the post, one of the best songs ever :D

  21. Your hairstyle and dress are adorable. Love the shots around Julian

  22. beautiful pictures!!! even tough the cemetery is so creepy !
    you two look adorable! have a lovely week

  23. Beautiful photos, love the braided updo!

  24. you look so beautiful with your braided this way and the dress is so lovely ahh i just love it

    plus can i have a big big bite on the apple pie , CINNAMON ICE CREAM ahhhhhh ♥

  25. is that camelot books in fountain valley???????

  26. Hey anonymous: you're right! Afterward we strolled into the reptile zoo!

  27. what a pretty princess. hehe. Happy birthday!!

  28. You two are too cute! I love that paisley dress, and yes the cemetary is totally creepy but you look great! Happy Birthday!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  29. i love your braids! stunning!

    x amie


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