Saving my pennies

(Both looks from J. Crew )
Everything about the outfit with the pale pink plaid and black pants is spot on for me. Even the pop of leopard doesn't seem so bad (I have an aversion towards leopard print anything). RE: the other outfit, is it wrong that i'm feeling that tie so much? If only Avril Lavigne didn't sully the good name of ladies wearing ties (the exception being Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, of course!).

A peter pan collar, polka dots, lace, and a puffed sleeve? Sign me up via Need Supply
Minus the comment he made about Chinese people being sub human, he's a pretty fascinating/ amazing guy. Morrissey shirt from Bona Drag

Also from Need Supply. I really like this color, all my purses are cognac colored...I need to change things up!

Zara look book. The outfit on the left, those pants! That coat! Love.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last two posts about being done with college! Ya'll are too nice :D

If anyone ever wants tips on where to go in LA or OC, e-mail me and I'll totally write you a little guide!!

Link exchanges anyone? ;-)


  1. Ooh I love those first two looks the most! They are definitely your style too! Also, I would luuurrrv to have those red Zara pantalones! :)

  2. i love that grey sweater from the zara lookbook. looks amazing for fall!!

    ...look closer

    SO CUTE!!


  4. I love the look with the tie, though I'm a more feminine person, I do like the masculine look on other people.

  5. i have an aversion towards leopard print too. haha

  6. The bag is a gorgeous colour.

  7. i love the bag so much and the color is just perfect <3

  8. J Crew has really stepped up their game. Love everything!

  9. love the morrissey tee and the big,oversized zara sweater.

    also, i'd love to exchange links : )
    i've just added you

  10. red pants for fall. . totally! love those modelling shots of yours too!

  11. I'm loving peter pan collars, I think they are so sweet, and also loving both of those zara looks and getting some real store envy right now!


  12. Ah the Zara look book has so many great things, especially that coat and maxi! Would love to share links?


  13. YES PLEASE to that white t-shirt.. I love the banner on your page.. great blog lady! xx

  14. ooooh these outfits are amazing. i especially love the J-crew style!

  15. this outfits are so pretty!! i like that dress and that bag so much!!

  16. Haha, I bought those red Zara pants last week. Though I don't know what I'm going to be doing in London in capris, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Also love the plaid shirt with the necktie, and of course the peter pan collar dress. Le drool. And I also have an aversion to leopard print.
    All of which is a long-winded way to say that it sucks you are no longer in LA! But I'll take any recommendations on board, I have about 7.5 hours from 9 ish am to... whatever 7 hours later is. On a Sunday. Hope you're enjoying being back in Southern California; I'm looking forward to your virtual guide to that area too!


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