A slice of my brain

I found a bolt of vintage fabric at a thrift store in Orange and had my grandma make me this dress for my 18th birthday. I just need to find another occasion to wear this dress to!
A collection of curiosities that line my bookshelf. Why golden retrievers aren't always depicted as wearing backwards baseball caps...I'll never know.
I like to make little felt pouches for my gadgets 

I need to hang this up!  

A glimpse into my room up in LA (I'll be moving out before Friday...sad). The dress is from a thrift store.
Everything but the skirt (Which is from AA) is thrifted. I can't play guitar at all but this pictures almost makes it seem like I could.
me and a lamb guy. I have a pet peeve about fashion bloggers always making the same dumb smirky/sexy face hence I like to post pictures of me smiling like a normal person. 

It's been a hectic week and it's just heating up. I have 3 finals on Wednesday and I have to move out of my apartment before Friday so I've been busy, busy, busy! I just finished writing my part of a group research project and I'm so glad I'm finished but I have to read like 500 pages of material between now and Wednesday. GAH. I promise I will visit everyones blogs and see what everyones been up to but for now, as soon as I finish writing this sentence I have to hit the books :*(


  1. That dress is gorgeous and i do agree with Malin . . . you ARE incredibly beautiful!!!!

  2. why do you have to be so pretty?

    i love that dress your grandma made! it's lovely!

    x elanor

  3. Lovely dress... I miss my sewing grandma. And yeah, I'm supposed to be doing research, so am obviously commenting on your blog instead!

  4. I love what I see inside your brain. Love the guitar-- mine is all scrappy. Such a sweet smile you have :D

  5. I like smiling shots, too! Also, jealous that your grandma can make such awesome clothes! :)

  6. thats a great dress! lucky you for having such a talented granny :)

    x Niki
    A Haute Mess
    ps. There's a giveaway currently going on at A Haute Mess! You can win an amazing cuff bracelet valued at over $100. Thought you might be interested :)
    Giveaway posted here xoxo

  7. love the orange floral dress - so chic and vintage!

  8. How sweet that your grandma made you that dress! :)

    Have I mentioned how absolutely beautiful you are!?

  9. the orange dress is so retro! so nice.

  10. Oh my goodness that first dress is AMAZING. Your grandma is awesome :). You are so gorgeous, I am incredibly jealous! And talented too with those nifty felt creations!

    I would be silly not to follow you :).

  11. those camera and ipod pouches are kewt :D i have felt cloth lying around in a big heap at home and must surely diy something out of them soon!

  12. I love the colour and print of the dress, very summery.
    Great blog.

  13. oh that pictures are lovely!! i like all your stuff :)

  14. That dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!! How lucky you have such a talented and sweet grandma! The fabric is really breathtaking and I'm sure it looks stunning on you. I can already tell that shade of orange is heaven on your skin tone. xo

  15. The glimpses of your bookshelf is so sweet.

  16. Your grandma did a great job on that dress! Makes me consider asking my gran to make me a dress!

    Embracing Style

  17. Your grandmother is very talented, and by the way you look like a natural on the guitar, had me fooled!

  18. Good luck with all the rest of your work. That dress that your grandma made is sooo gorgeous! I love the fabric!

  19. Cool dresses, what a sweet grandma to sew that pretty dress for you :)
    I love your smile and the interesting little things that you keep on your bookshelf! Haha

  20. favourite post ever.
    really lovely

  21. Please, keep your sanity! It sounds like you're super busy! i love your little knick-knacks! Especially the brown bottle glass piece...is it sea glass?

    I also hope that you can find a chance to wear that marvelous orange confection of a dress soon!

  22. are you pinay?? you're gorgeous!!!! love your blog!


  23. You are gorrrrrrrrrgeous girl!

    AND I LOVE THAT YOU POSTED YOU WITH YOUR LAMB! SO MUCH I AM WRITING IN CAPS! Hahaha. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SHEEP. I have that little lamb too. My aunt got me it for my birthday, haha. Love it! So soft!

    I love your collections and that dress! Just wear it whenever! You don't need a special occasion to wear it. :)

    Love love love!

  24. Kumusta? I found you first from what I wore today and snooped a bit and landed here. Hello from a fellow fashion-loving Pinay. Astig! :)



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