Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Outfit details: Blue striped sleep shirt: thrift store, black jeggings: Target, woven belt: Mom's closet, tan oxfords: thrifted
Natalie and Morgan looking lovely per usual
Hot and bothered (not in the good way).

Okay so these photos were from this past weekend when Natalie, Morgan, and I decided to go to the OC Foodie Fest at the Honda Center in Anaheim. With the promise of 50+ food trucks, live music, and independent craft vendors we were more than excited to check it out.  Weeellll long story short: it was kind of a terrible experience. We paid $12 each for tickets to get in which was reasonable...until we saw that it was $15 just to park. Whaaaa? Then we got into the longest line ever (at least it went fast) only to have our water bottles confiscated at the entrance. Mmkay, no. Even Disneyland doesn't take water away from you AND it was hot day! To add insult to injury, we were told the only way to get water was to pay $3 for a tiny Fiji water bottle. Which we all did. Then we saw that a few rogue trucks were selling bottles of water for $1.25. Awesome. Anyway, the lines were long (30+ minutes just to pay), the wait for the food even longer (an hour in some cases), and once you received your food you had to gobble it down right quick in order to stand in line so the hellish process could start over! We only got to try 3 trucks in the 4 1/2 hours we were there. Ridiculous. There were also like 5 trashcans total for the whole place and 2 umbrellas for shade. I could go on and on about how utterly miserable the experience was but I will let the 2.5 star rating from Yelp do the expaining

Moving on...

The Getty!
Breathtaking in person
heard that
the saddest pup
baby genius
Some blooms from the garden
These pictures are sort of old but they are from when Grant and our friends Paola and Josh (visiting from NY!) hung out with us for the day. Unlike the OC Foodie Fest, paying $15 for parking at The Getty is well worth it. I also fail at remembering the artist names (I just snap photos of whatever catches my eye and then walk away without absorbing who the artist was!), whoops. They have a really good photo exhibit going on right now (couldn't take photos of my own, no photography allowed), I highly recommend it!


  1. We went to Getty once (and also the Villa) but didn't really see the museum art. Thanks for touring me inside. :)

  2. I'm going to the Getty tomorrow!
    love your outfit! I need to find a pair of decent jeggings . . . Target, you say? Those look amazing!

  3. I can't wait to visit NYC - it's about 11 months away for me though...

    Loving your outfit, that's how I want to dress this spring x


  4. Love your striped shirt, I have to get one.
    Bdv. just started following you I'd be happy if you'd follow me to!

  5. great shirt!
    simple set and very nice

    kisses from poland :)

  6. don't be sorry - you look freaking rad. sucks about the trucks. why oh why?? + a shortage of trash cans?? they just ask for it down there!!


  7. I can't believe you can take pictures inside the Getty. They turned out really well :)
    And I adore your blue striped shirt. I have one, but its not as nice.

  8. beautiful pics. I love your outfit.xx


  9. Ugh, that stinks about the first place :( But I looove your outfit!!!
    YAY for the museum though, it looks great!! I need to go to museums more often, haha

  10. Beautiful images!!!!!

    Love your outfit :)

  11. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the hair with the braid twisted around, not sure if my hair is long enough though!

    xo Lynzy

  12. The food festival sounds very bad, what a rip off. You do look cute in your plaits though.

  13. how fun you went to the foodie fest! I totally missed it :(
    and I love the Getty, it's one of my favorite places!
    We are totally neighbors!! we should do a blogger meet up! ^,^

  14. The Getty looks awesome! I know what you mean about crappy festivals: I went to Greek Day in Vancouver last year. Nothing to do except eat (and the food was expensive) and watch terrible, dirgelike Greek folk dancing. Blechh. At least I took the bus!

  15. yay i love the Getty! I would go there just to take the train like transportation thing but i love the garden!


  16. I'm sorry the fest wasn't fantastic...ick, hot weather, fast food, and bad service! However, your photographs from the Getty are marvelous, and your outfit is simple but wonderful.

    I love the stained glass and the skull...oh, I love how they used to make stained glass windows!

  17. what awesome art.
    and you and your friends look awesome even if the heat is getting to you guys. :)


  18. Hot and bothered, not in the good way. Ha! :)

  19. cute cute cute!!!! i love your hair! it's so cute lovely!!!


  20. Really like your blue shirt! Really love some of your art snaps :D xxxxx

  21. I really like your hairstyle.

  22. first your outfit looks great.
    now, looks like you enjoyed that place! i always enjoy art :)

  23. i love the portrait of the girl with a heart on her dress, amazing (:


  24. oh amazing! and i love the way u did your hair so pretty

  25. The flower pictures are beautiful! I'm really glad I found your blog, just loving your style more and more!

    Embracing Style

  26. Sorry about your crappy food fest experience. That blows : ( on another note I really love your pics! ; )

  27. ugh, yeah public events are always a rip off, $15 to park that's crazy, and their food is never that good but charge you by an arm and a leg. lovely pics you saw though they are quite pretty!

  28. im sorry foodie fest was such a bust. it sounds awesome. what a bummer! isn't the getty awesome? i love how it's so close to where i live. you can literally see my apartment from the top. not sure if you have grad school plans but if you do and you go to an LA school you can get a researcher's pass for free and not have to pay for parking.

    cute outfit, as always. love the blouse.

  29. you look awesome - i love your outfit! and how lame that food place was5`such a rip off :( at least its an experience :)


  30. Amazing art!

    Also love the shirt

  31. whoa that foodie fair did not sound like a good time, can't believe they took your water away! but i do love your outfit with the blue shirt and jeans...so great

  32. Love your hair like that... I tried it a couple of weeks ago and I looked like a 5 year old!

  33. Dude what a huge bummer! I loooooove your outfit and your hair. Do you think you might be able to make a tutorial on how to do your hair like that? I've tried but I'm clearly doing something wrong, ha. I have a hard time pining it to my head! I suck with bobby pins. Ugh.

    But seriously that freaking sucks. I can't believe they took your water? Usually if it's still sealed they will let you keep one. Weird. And huge lines in the heat SUCK. Ugh. I feel your pain.

    GORGEOUS art.


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