Outfit details: blue flutter sleeve blouse: H&M (when H&M was only in NY in the US aka a long time ago), brown trouser pants: thrift store, white leather oxfords (okay they're really jazz shoes): new, thrifted

Oh hey, no bangs (I also look like I'm about to cut someone...the Inland Empire will do this to you)

A little late on the Avatar train

Last week Grant found a really good deal on a 70s Silvertone electric guitar on Craigslist and of course the lady would be located in Victorville (aka the desert but not the romanticized version of it, the ugly and bro'd out version). So we hopped into his car, broken air conditioning and all, and made the drive from LA.  I can now understand the stereotype of people who live in the desert as having scrambled brains in their heads due to the sun because I nearly lost my cool (ha!) in the car. I take it back, I did lose it and only after thoroughly chilling my bones at an In'n'Out (grilled cheese with grilled onions, fries, a coke, and a slurp of Grant's strawberry chocolate milkshake) was everything all better.

We also saw Avatar a year too late but it was just nice to sit in a cold movie theater (although 3D movies hurt my eyes!).

Moving on...
I like to look up strange phenomena on Wikipedia and here are a few choice ones (read: those that had pretty pictures) that I'd thought I'd share...

A Fata Morgana mirage

I never new this sight had a name. It's called a Belt of Venus

Tomorrow is my last day of  college...ever (or at least until I begrudgingly decide to pursue a Master's degree)!! Three finals until freedom :D :D :D See ya, UCLA!!


  1. Good luck with those last three finals! Love the last picture, it's beautiful.

    Embracing Style

  2. Your trousers are awesome!
    Good luck with everything!

    Off The Wardrobe

  3. loooove your shoes. i haven't seen avatar yet but everyone says i need to!

  4. i wish i could say i was finishing so soon...what did you study?

  5. cute trousers!

    and a grilled cheese! are you a vegetarian? i am and i always get the grilled cheese from in and out...it's quite tasty.


  6. congrats on finishing school!! thats amazing!! thanks for sharing those images.
    ps-I envy those pants. Im on an epic hunt for a pair of pants that dont look totally weird.

  7. Congrats on finishing college! I was so excited when I was done as well.

  8. That picture of the mirage is beautiful!!
    Congrats <3

    xo Lynzy

  9. great photos- jealous of your shoes, too!

  10. Good luck with the college! Beautiful pics.xx


  11. The end of college feels so good but "real life" is a little strange in the beginning. Good luck with the exams and the transition period! P.S. I love how comfortable your first outfit looks :]

  12. You always have really awesome photos!

  13. i love those brogues! and your trousers are perfection!!


  14. I love your description of the desert as "bro'd out." I'm about to grudgingly start my master's degree (five years later). Have fun with those finals!

  15. Your outfit rocks, those photos are cool and CONGRATS on finishing college!!! yayayaya

  16. these are beautiful shots dear! Best of luck with your finals! xx

  17. Good luck with your finals! I'm on my last year at UCSC, but I'm probably going to go to grad school there too. I love your cat eye in the third shot, and also love that the first photo on the Fata Morgana wiki page is of Santa Cruz haha! :)

  18. awesome pants! and congrats on finishing school :) love these pictures


  19. love your trousers! beautiful photos!love them!


  20. That chair you're sitting on looks SO comfy.

    Ugh, I totally feel ya on broken air conditioning. Keith's truck had air conditioning for a BIT of the summer, but then it just stopped working. And I get hot sooooooooo freaking easily.

    I wish we had In 'N Out! UGH! SO JEALOUS. That's just another reason why I HAVE TO COME TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!

    That's awesome you're going to be done school. Well, by now you ARE. So, CONGRATULATIONS. How does it feeeeeel??

  21. Oh and I'm TOTALLY checking out all of those wiki articles. LOVE THAT SHIT!


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