You're just a baby baby girl

Outfit details: Cream silk button up blouse: thrift store, red jeans: F21, black slip ons: Rite Aid

If you scroll down a little you'll see that I posted a look from Zara's look book which I have obviously appropriated as my own. As a rule, I don't like colored denim with the exception of red! I like to pretend I'm in the White Stripes whenever I wear these pants since it seems as if I can only really pair white or black pieces with these jeans.

Outfit details: Navy blue blouse with white buttons: thrift store,  pleated floral skirt: thrift store, brown oxfords: thrift store

This outfit is probably a month ago but I forgot to post it! I didn't actually wear those shoes out (no uncomfortable shoes, ever!) but I figured at the time that I'd spice things up and wear them in a photo. For those who think that the blouse looks like a t-shirt rest assured that is is indeed a blouse. The back is the best part and of course I didn't take a picture! Imagine white opaque buttons running down the entire length, right down the middle.  Pretty nice, eh?

Don't forget about the sale going on right now at my Etsy store, below this post is one in which I explain the whole deal :)

Moving on...

A list of some things I'm excited about: Belle & Sebastian next month (!!!), The big 2-2 on the 22 (my golden birthday!), apple picking in Julian, the possibility of trying Ethiopian food (has anyone ever had vegetarian Ethiopian dishes? I've been dying to try Ethiopian for years now!), cardigan weather, pumpkin pie, busting out the cinnamon scented candles (okay, just all things fall!), seeing friends who I really don't get to see enough, a few exciting projects coming up (stay tuned)...

What's the #1 thing you're looking forward to?


  1. laying in bed watching movies huddled under the covers = #1 fall activity i LOVE

    i'm so deliriously tired i thought your post read you HAD a baby girl. woops!!


  2. red/white/blue always a winning colour combo :)
    i love that third picture! mad photography skillz

    x amie

  3. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving me some comment. Your blog is really nice and you are such a darling :) Love it! Hope you drop by my blog once again. I'm following you now :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. I adore those red jeans.

  5. love the first look! the jeans and shoes go together very well. and i've had vegetarian ethiopian food before and think its delish!

  6. I love the red jeans.

  7. i love your third picture the best! it's so cute!


  8. I am a big fan of red denim! I just saw someone wearing a similar pair with a light purple top and it was surprisingly cute, but i do love them with your white button down too!

  9. Gahhhh those red jeans are KILLER! So, so fab. I want a pair. :P

    The concert sounds fun! I am looking forward to seeing Vampire Weekend next month. Yay!

  10. great mix!!!
    love your red jeans!!!


  11. Somehow missed this one... awesome of course! Love the red and white outfit...
    And yep, I've had good vegetarian Ethiopian food. You can usually get a platter with the enormous crepe things they use to scoop up the food and eat it and all kinds of vegetarian goodies around the edges..

  12. I looooooooooove the third photo of you.


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