Three Feathers Vintage: Giveaway time!--CLOSED!--

Irish 100% wool shawl collar knit jacket ($33.50), polka dot tent blouse ($10)

secretary dress ($24)

polka dot blouse ($10), brown belt ($8), camel pleated skirt ($25)

Shrunken bomber jacket with shearling collar ($49.50)

purple peter pan collared blouse ($15), tweed high waisted pleated skirt ($24)


nautical blazer with gold braid ($28)

woodsy pull over sweater ($35)

white blouse with crochet collar ($21), pinky purple pencil skirt ($17)

shrunken cable knit sweater ($32)

Some outfits I've made from a few of the new things I just posted in my shop. Also, my "normal" face= angry. Does anyone else have this problem? My face, emotionless, always looks so mad!Certain friends have told me that before we had met (and they had only seen me around school) they thought that I was very intimidating because I looked so sullen and or mean. Yikes. I'm not someone who walks around with a smile on their face for no reason so I suppose I should work on this.  Anyway, in more important news...


That's right! A culmination of certain factors (having way too much inventory but many amazing readers!) has lead me to concoct a giveaway for you fine folks.  I'm offering one lucky reader a $35 credit to my store, Three Feathers Vintage! A little about my store: I don't buy ugly clothes. I can't! I won't! The material, the fit, the color, the design....these are things that I take into consideration before I  welcome any piece into my inventory. I pass over a lot of clothing before I find a piece that I really adore...just because it's technically "vintage" doesn't mean it's flattering or remotely wearable! Anyway, here's how to enter:


 1. Follow my blog, Milk Teeths, through Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin' and leave a comment telling me which method you are using. Tell me a random fact about yourself.Then leave a link to your blog or an e-mail address that I can use to contact you when you win.

Lookin' for more ways to win?

2.  Excellent! Here's what you do: promote this giveaway on your own blog (make sure to use my giveaway image!) and comment with the link to the post. Leave a separate comment for each entry. There is no limit to how many times you can reblog this giveaway, just make sure to leave the links!

Open to everyone,( and I mean everyone--international readers too!) and I'll pay for shipping ;)

Contest ends Midnight December 1st 2010

Also, MALES who read this blog (I know you're out there!) if you have a lady in your life why not leave a comment on her behalf? Eh eh???


  1. I follow on Bloglovin!

    Love the stuff in your shop :) This is a great giveaway!


  2. following on google friend connect!
    i love that purple blouse! :)

    random fact... i had a parakeet named Sammy when I was younger...!

    xx elanor

  3. hiya! follower here. xD
    do you possibly ship over seas?

    hmmmmm random fact...my favorite animal is a sloth and an amoeba. i'm weird. yes. i know hahah


  4. OH, I would LOVE to win this!!!! Let's see, i definitely follow and a random fact about myself is...ummm, I hate inspirational posters.

  5. Okay I am following you on Google friend connect! A random fact about me: I am allergic to fish. Weird ha?

    Email: goldenheartsloves@gmail.com
    Blog: goldenheartsloves.blogspot.com

    I like you blog by the way so neat. I have to check out your shop. You have some good stuff.

  6. Okay I posted your giveaway on my blog!


  7. wow, that blue leopard-print dress is fabulous on you! love the way you wear it (:
    i'd enter, but i'm not sure if you ship overseas
    love always,

  8. bloglovin afficionado since a long time ago! (In our microsecond bloggy lives, anyway).

    Random fact: I just spend $8 on nail polish remover and can't get over it. Ever get in that frame of mind where you're just incapable of saying no because you had it in your head that you needed to buy something? Gah!

  9. Ooh how exciting!!!
    Following with bloglovin...and a fact about me...my face looks angry when its normal too! haha XD

  10. I follow you both ways now! You always have such great finds!

    Random fact: I am a computer nerd.


  11. I am a follower through Google.

    I love to eat cake for breakfast ;)


  12. love love love the secretary dress!
    and, my roommate has the resting angry face problem too. We've termed it RBF, for 'Resting Bitch Face' but we use the term lovingly, of course.

  13. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow


  14. im following via google friend! kcerrer@gmail.com

    random fact: mint chocolate= my fave!!

  15. I follow your blog via google connect! This is a greeeat giveaway! I love your shop. My friends all tell me my normal face looks mean, too! I hate it, lol.

    Random Fact: I've always wanted a pet African Hedgehog! They're so darn cute.

    KF x

  16. I am actually quite relieved to hear I am not the only one who has a blank=angry face.

    I've been getting into fights over that because being told I am angry when I am not makes me mad. Self fullfilling features ;)

    shallowmallow at gmail dot com

  17. I follow on bloglovin'! This is such a great giveaway. Thanks. (:


    PS I have the same issue with my "emotionless face". I look so grumpy & mean! People are always asking me "What's the matter? Are you ok?" when I'm absolutely fine.. hehe


  18. Oooo ooo how much fun this is!

    fact about myself: I've never had anything to drink other than water, chocolate milk, or lemonade (so that means I've never had soda, coffee, tea, iced tea, alcohol/wine/beer).

  19. Hi hi, I am loving those sock-shoe combinations! I actually wanted to comment just about that, but since I'm sitting here I may as well enter the competition too..
    I follow with blogspot.
    3 facts about moi:

    1. I once got a sofa stuck on the ceiling
    2. my job involves dnacing around on stage, playing the recorder, clog dancing, and pretending to be a horse.
    3. I am VERY scared of balloons.

    That is all.
    Sarah xx

  20. I love so much the first outfit!!!

  21. WOW i love your styles! they are amazing


  22. I'm your newest follower using Bloglovin'.
    Random Fact: I do NOT like watermelon AT ALL, but every summer I try it again thinking that maybe I secretly do and just haven't figured it out yet.

    I want to win! I want to win! Your store is super cool.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  23. I follow you on Google Friend Connect.
    I too have the normal/mad face issue. ; )
    BTW, what lipstick are you wearing? It's gorgeous!

  24. Yo girl! I'm following you on Google Reader, as I have been consistently for a creepily long amount of time!

  25. followed you on bloglovin! I think I'm in love with the first and last outfits. i just love the color and chunky sweater

  26. cant believe ur getting rid all of these cute clothes

    who ever gets the irish knit white sweater is veryyy lucky

  27. I really love the purple Chinese silk-looking blouse. It's the collar plus colour that is so unique. I laughed when I read your "I don't buy ugly clothes" comment. Too true.

    Pan de sal + pancit sandwich. Or ice cream in a pan de sal. I used to eat that as a kid, and now I think it's a little gross but willing to try again!

    Following on Google FC,
    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  28. Thanks for your comment on my blog =D This is an awesome giveaway, I really like your shop! I'm going to follow your blog and not only so I can enter the giveaway! Oh and my face also looks grumpy when I'm not smiling haha!
    Ok random fact about myself hmmmm... I live right next door to a graveyard which I though would really scare me, but it doesn't!


  29. ooh fab giveaway, i want that first cardie whether i win or not!
    ok i already follow you and random fact...i can put my leg behind my head :)
    my blog is

  30. Google friend connect it. is :)

    I on the other hand always pull faces and have that silly grinning smile :) and look like a fool constantly. :)

    I can't get over that polka dot blouse! It's so beautiful!

  31. I'm following you on google :) eeeeep love your blog

  32. Re: your intimidating "mean face" - haha - people used to tell me that in school too. But since then I've had the opposite problem; I think I look too nice because strangers stop me and ask directions all the time! It happens at least 3 times a week when I'm walking around town. It's become a huge joke with my friends because it happens so much. Either I look nice or I look like I have an impeccable sense of direction, not true by the way, haha. It even happens to me when I travel to other cities, foreign countries, everywhere. How bizarre is that?

  33. Awesomeeeeeeeee. Of course I follow you on Google Reader! I wanna win, ahha! I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now too, ch-ch-ch-check it out!

    Apparently I look mean to people who don't know me too. Bah. Wish I didn't. But I don't really think about what my face looks like when I'm out & about?


  34. I am already following you via Bloglovin'...
    Random fact: I often look sad instead of mad. And I love burning Japanese incense.

  35. Oh yeah, oops, didn't tell you a random fact!

    Here goes: when I was in third grade, I told my entire class what condoms were during lunch. Didn't get caught :D

  36. I'm following you through Blogger...

    Random Fact: when i get a puppy im going to name her tavi after the style rookie


  37. Follower forever. :) I swear if I wasn't dead broke at the moment, I would have gotten nearly half your store by now.

    Random fact: I have the most ridiculous sweet tooth- I could go through the biggest box of chocolates or cookies in one sitting that it's almost grotesque, and if not that, absolutely ridiculous. haha

  38. I'm following your blog! A random fact-I'm obsessed with watching full television series on DVD. Currently I'm in season 4 of "Sex and the City!"



  39. I blogged about it here: http://awildtonic.blogspot.com/2010/11/milk-teeths-giveaway.html



  40. I am a blog follower under kshuttle with GFC!
    Hmm random fact about myself;
    i am an au pair for a 2 year old and my favourite thing to do with her is anything that makes her laugh. It reminds we how wonderful life is!

  41. I follow on Google! Good for you not buying ugly clothes! Seriously, there are some crazy Etsy sellers out there. Haha!

    I make funny faces at other people in public restrooms.

  42. Hey :)
    I follow you via GFC.
    Random fact: I am afraid of spiders.
    xlacrimax at gmail dot com

  43. Hiya! come to vancouver! we could switch!

    i follow on GFC

    I live in subsidized housing for artists in Gastown Vancouver, my rent is super fucking cheap for the location, but I inhabit 300 square feet :)

    origami and orangutans dot blogspot dot com

  44. i would love winning this giveaway.

    random fact: i could live off of pasta.


    you are gorgeous

  45. Hello. I'm following you through bloglovin'!

    Random fact: I have no idea how to swim.


    Email: dphamdo@gmail.com

  46. i love that blue dress w/the nautical blazer!
    following through google friend

    random fact: i dislocated my shoulder once in a moshpit! haha


  47. Love this idea! All that knitwear and cable knit is so perfect! Now following.
    Random fact: I'm kind of OCD x


  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. I follow through Google Friend Connect :)
    I can't believe your having a giveaway! I favourited like 10 of your items on Etsy! :D

    Random Fact: I'd really love to be a guy. I mean they get to walk around shirtless, they get to hit on younger people and they're stronger than most girls. Its random I know but I'd love to be a guy all strong and buff and all! Not that I'm willing to change my sexuality or anything it'd just be cool, plus I can be like those fashion forward guys which would be really cool :)

    I posted this contest on my blog by the way! Check it out :) http://liveinmotion.tumblr.com/

    Get in contact with ruth.ambrocio@hotmail.com

  50. Oooh! Such a great idea for contest rules. Love it!

    Following through Google Reader. <3

    Random faaaaact: I'm the oldest of eight and live two provinces away from my family for school and miss them like crazy.

    My blog: yiellysalphabet.blogspot.com

    Contact: yielly.13@gmail.com

  51. Following you on Friend Connect!

    www.stylocrat.blogspot.com or mj9200a@student.american.edu

    I can make a three-leaf clover with my tongue. :)

  52. I've been following you through google friend connect for awhile now and your store is really cute. I would love to enter! :]

  53. I follow on google! Random fact; I will probably never stop loving cartoons.

  54. I follow on google connect!

    Random Fact: I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is going to ask me to marry him soon! :)


  55. Hurrah! I became a follower after seeing a photo of yours on Starr's tumblr.

    Fact: When shopping, if I do not find what I was looking for...instead of leaving empty-handed, I'll buy something so I won't feel like I've wasted my time. I'm trying to break that habit (because I'm wasting my money!)

    Myriam from Myriad of Mischief
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  56. i follow on google! and i have two tattoos :)



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