Milk Teeths' Guide to LA: Part I, Food!


I'm not sure if I'm super qualified to be writing a guide about Los Angeles since i'm not a native Angelo per se but I did go to college in LA (UCLA wuddup) meaning that I have traversed the streets, begrudgingly sat in abysmal LA traffic, seen Alec Baldwin in Santa Monica, been accosted by a homeless person (who started running his fingers through my hair at a bus stop, no less) all so that I could really get a feel for LA-- in retrospect that is.

Anyway, I've decided to make a multi part guide (thanks to my awesome reader Nina for giving me the idea!) Food/ Things to Do/ and Places to Shop At. If you want anymore recommendations about LA or Orange County please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Part I: Stuff Your Face At...
 Bella Pita I wrote about this place a few posts down but I will repeat: one of the best meals you can get in LA! My go to is the falafel pita, fried cauliflower, and bottled Coke for around ~7. Westwood/West LA

Green PeasA cool little restaurant that caters to vegans and meat eaters! Really delicious and totally not preachy (I hate how some vegetarian/vegan places can come off as a little holier than thou. Green Peas is simply all about giving you options!) Get a sandwich on PRETZEL bread (this is the important part), I don't know what they do to that bread but it is magical. Culver City
I've only eaten here once after a show at the Palladium but I would love to go back! It's near the 101 freeway (duh) and the feel is like a classic dimly lit 1970s diner but the catch is that they actually serve healthy versions of diner food! A revelation. I still think about the carrot ginger soup I got there. West Hollywood.

I would be remiss if I made a food guide and didn't mention this place. A veritable bastion of straight up cookie goodness! In a sea of Korean owned frozen yogurt chains sometimes all you really want is a warm cookie. Oh and did I mention this place is super cheap? I think it's 35 cents for a cookie but for a few bucks you can make a cookie ice cream sandwich. Cash only. Westwood.
LA is arguably the epicenter for the whole food truck craze that is currently sweeping America's metropolitan cities. So...find a food truck! I like to use www.roaminghunger.com. Trucks are cheap, delicious, and it's kind of fun to hunt one down (granted it isn't rush hour). There are so many different types of trucks that surely there is one that exists to fit your taste buds.

There are usually trucks during lunch time at UCLA near the science buildings or if you go to any business center around lunch there are bound to be a few.

EXTRA CREDIT: eat at the Kogi truck or restaurant! I'd like to think this was the truck that really started the craze. Kogi is a fusion of Mexican and Korean food so think kimchee quesadillas or short rib tacos (both delicious). I can't tell you how many times i've told people that I hate fusion food but I guess i'm eating my words (literally! Har har). Check out the Alibi Room Alibi Room which is a bar that serves the Kogi menu. The bar is pretty cool, hip but not alienatingly so. Culver City.

 Hare Krishna Temple
 Eat at the Hare Krishna temple Govinda's Natural Foods ! This place is also really cheap but it's a vegetarian buffet and they change the menu every day. Nobody tried to push the religion on me so it was good times. Culver City

I used to live near Beverly Hills and my apartment was a two minute walk from this place. The area is predominantly Jewish (hence Nagila) so most everything is Kosher. Get a slice of veggie pizza with a stuffed crust! The crust is amazing, it's stuffed with cheese and sauteed mushrooms and is very very delicious. I think they close early and aren't open on Sundays. West LA
Banana Cream Pie. That's all you need to know. Oh, and cash only. West LA

Stay tuned for more this coming week!

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  1. Oooh very fun!! If I wasn't such a picky eater I would try all those places if I ever went to LA, haha :D

  2. Fun! This post made me very, very hungry. :)

  3. nice scenery !
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  4. Heey ashley!!
    awesome post, I can't wait to try them all out!
    Your comments and the photographs really made me crave some of this awesomeness! fooooddddddd rulessss!

  5. mmmm...everything looks sooo good! you have a great blog :)

    im going to follow you.
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  6. the fried cauliflower looks so good !


  7. I dearm about trip to LA. You can put as many post about it as You like :))))

  8. Seriously girl, you and you alone have put LA on the map for me. Never had any plans to go there and now it's way high up on my list of places to go. Although my driving is abysmal, that might be a problem. Hmmm

  9. you forgot profeta in westwood! best coffee ever. i'll have to check out the hare krishna place.


  10. I love this! Totally saving it for next time I go to visit my brother. (: I've been to the 101 & it was great. I love the place Home for breakfast & there's this aaamazing Indian place my brother took us too (And Alice Cooper was there!! haha) but I can't remember the name. :/

  11. This is such a great guide. I'm thinking of visiting LA sometime in 2011 since I've never been. I'll have to bookmark this because recommendations from other people always intrigue me :)
    ps-you are waaayyy prettier than me haha, everytime I read your blog I'm like that girl could be a model!

  12. Good to know, I am visiting LA soon. I wish Boston had food trucks!

  13. all these food pictures makes me hungry, I need to print this out so next time I'm in LA i will definitely go to these restaurant

  14. This is great...now if I ever go to LA I'll know where to eat! Food pics look yummy.

  15. Great food guide, LA really sounds like the place to go for variety. Still haven't visited the US, really would love to though!
    Thanks for your sweet comment.


  16. LA sounds like fun! Hope I can visit one day so I can try out all your suggestions!

    Embracing Style

  17. awe. sounds like tons of fun! and all that food looks delicious!!

    allister bee blog

  18. Ooohh! Hooray, thank you for finding me!
    I loved this post. Yummm I love cauliflower.

    style activist

  19. HOLY YUMMINESS. I think I'm gonna faint just looking at all this deliciousness.

  20. I'm bookmarking this for when i go there someday:)


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